Thursday, February 3, 2011

When the Single Ladies turn into bridesmaids

Autumn and Joanna both knew they would be in my wedding, but I had to give them the 'would you please?' cards to make it official anyway.

I've know these girls for 20 years but I'm not even going to attempt describing what these faces mean. All I will say is that I presented these cards immediately after they discussed what types of wedding parties they want to have for me.
 While Joanna succumbed to the giggles, Autumn was TOUCHED by how special the moment was. Just TOUCHED.
I think this picture speaks for itself.
They immediatly jumped up to dance around and sing Single Ladies at the tops of their voices and ask what groomsmen they're going to be with. They even got out the computer to do some Facebook stalking see the groomsmen possibilities for themselves.

They're not exactly the meek and mild bridesmaids.

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