Friday, January 14, 2011

My sanity is worth more than $399.99

Yesterday afternoon I took Katie and Elizabeth with me to Bed, Bath & Beyond to scope out the wedding registry scene. I generally try to avoid taking Elizabeth to places that have expensive crystal as the result can be similar to a bull in china shop, but between the two of us, Katie and I managed to keep the damage to a minimum. It's just one of Katie's many duties as Maid of Honor- keeping the sister of the bride from inadvertently destroying a store.

Among the multitude of can openers, pizza cutters and potholders, we were offered a swivel lid trash can for ONLY $399.99! What a steal! You can push down either the front OR the back of the lid and achieve the very same thing! The POSSIBILITIES! Who knew a silver trash can could be so much FUN! How could we possibly say no to something that would REVOLUTIONIZE our trash disposal? 
We ultimately said thank you but no thank you to the amazing trash can and moved on to less exciting but more useful things such as shower curtains and wall art.

Upon our return home, we picked up Hannah and Joanna and set out to a bridal shop so the girls could try on a dress. The excitement level in the back seat was high. 

Everything was merry and bright as we set off on our journey. We discussed what station to listen to, how we feel about Taylor Swift, who likes to listen to the Spanish station and other important life issues. Unfortunately, our happy spirits were quickly damped when we missed the exit and were forced to take a 45 minute very unwanted tour of a strange town. Of my four passengers, three were probably more capable of being in the driver seat than I was. They were all, "we just drove under 95 east so we have to go down the road and look for the on-ramp onto 295 north before we get off the Broadway St exit which will bring us to Tiffany St and then we should be there."

I barely know what state I was in.

I was also not a very happy camper.

Long and very tragic story short, we arrived at the store 45 minutes after our appointment. Autumn, who we found out was also late due to her own unwanted tour of the town, was waiting for us there. The lady at the store wouldn't let us take pictures due to strict store policy, but I do have photographic evidence of a dress that will not be appearing in my wedding:  

We next took an impromptu trip to David's Bridal to see a dress that Autumn told us was very similar to the first one we liked but 1/3 the price. The dress below won't be appearing either, but Autumn was having herself a good little time in a dress that matched her fuzzy socks.

David's Bridal Lesson #42: don't let these two into the tiara aisle unattended for long

I made up a very mathematical dress comparison chart that looked something like this to help us make our final choice:
Dress 1   Dress 2   Dress 3   Dress 4   Dress 5
It was a very effective method.

We finally decided on a very pretty, very dark blue dress that is not pictured here because somebody forgot to take a picture of it. {Maybe that's because that same somebody was still trying to recover from a trip that nearly cost her her sanity.}

And it doesn't cost ONLY $399.99. 

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Aww, so much fun! Thanks for sharing that! :)