Thursday, January 6, 2011

Brevity is not one of my qualities

We woke up late on Christmas morning and had our Christmas breakfast accompanied by our friends, the small red and white carolers. You have no idea the number of times people, my family included, have thought they are salt and peppers shakers. The poor things get tipped upside-down and shaken on a very regular basis during the Christmas season.

After the traditional last minute wrapping session, we got down to opening presents. {I'd like to pause for a moment and say that wrapping on Christmas morning can actually open up your wrapping options because you have all the wrapping paper, bags and tissue paper from the night before to reuse. And yes, I know this because I wrapped Dad's present on Christmas morning using wrapping items from the night before.}

Below we see Elizabeth admiring the shoes Christopher gave her for Christmas. She professes her love for them on a daily basis by sending me texts about them, showing them off to all her friends, and occasionally wearing them to bed. 

We've always been creative with our label writing but this year I unintentionally threw Dad for a loop when I wrapped Aaron's present. I thought it would be quite obvious who the gift was for seeing how 'Ronnie is clearly very similar to the last half of Aaron's name, but nobody else saw it that way. 

The gift ultimately made it to it's rightful recipient in the gray chair. He LOVES LOVES LOVES pasta so I bought him pasta and different toppings, such as olives, that he loves to put on it. 

Since I had so many wrapping options for the Big D-A-D's gift, I decided to go all out and use a highly over-sized boxed with an overabundance of wrapping paper. I'm all about making unwrapping fun and suspenseful.  

When he finally reached the bottom, he found an envelope with a certificate entitling him to a supper and movie Daddy/Daughter date.

Another Christmas tradition we have is rushing around like crazy to get ready and out the door for Christmas dinner. We take so long opening presents that without fail the minutes go by until someone looks at the clock and says, "um, it's 12:45 and we have to be at Carol's at 1:30, right?" which sends us into crazy mode because it takes a half hour to get there and Aaron can't find his tie and shoes! And Elizabeth doesn't know what she's supposed to wear! And the antipasto needs to be put together! And has anybody seen Mom's headband? And why is the provolone cheese mild instead of sharp? After much more fanfare, we left the house and somehow managed to arrive at 1:35. It was a Christmas miracle.

As usual, Carol did a lovely job with the table. I sat at the childrens table in the other room with the twins, Matthew, Zachary and Molly. The way I saw it, somebody had to watch over how much butter Z and M put on their bread.

Every single year I take a picture of the antipasto that looks exactly like this:
It's nice to know that the quality of our food doesn't change over the years.

Mariah and Diane were both able to come up from Tennessee and Kentucky for Christmas and we loved having them.
Shana couldn't make it from Colorado, but Diane called her so Elizabeth and Molly sang Christmas songs to her over the miles. 
The Annual Sarah & Grandma Christmas Picture, Edition 2010.
When we got home, we opened our stockings.
And so ended our 2010 Christmas.

{And so shall end this very long retelling of it.}

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