Friday, August 3, 2012

I tried not to take too many pictures of the uniforms

I really don't know how Christopher managed his Army career without me there to photograph each step along the way. Today he graduated from transportation school and I was there to take yet another picture of flags. 
Are you ready to see the picture of him receiving his diploma? The picture that will be blown up and plastered on our walls and maybe be our Christmas picture? It's that spectacular.
Clearly I was having issues with the camera. That seems to happen every time there's an important event. I'm convinced that the camera would have up and walked away had I been taking pictures at my own wedding. 

Three things to note from the event:
1. I was holding out hope that the class would sing
The Wheels on the Bus or I've Been Working on the Railroad, but they did not. Could there be any more perfect songs for the Transportation Corps? I think not.

2. I was sitting behind the class searching intently for Christopher when I finally spotted the back of his head. "Ahh!" I said, "I'd know the back of his head anywhere!" Soooo, I took a picture of it for our future children. (Or maybe I was bored waiting for the show to start.) Well. The head turned and it wasn't Christopher. Apparently I don't know the back of his head anywhere. So now I have a picture of a strange guy's head on my camera.

3. I meet a colonel so DAY MADE.
Between insisting that he sing The Wheels on the Bus and taking sub-par photos of events, I've really added so much to Christopher's Army career. That brings us back to the original question- how did he manage without me??


Jen said...

Congrats to your hubby and yes husbands don't know how good they have it when they have wives who document everything :)

Jenn said...

My inside pics look a lot like yours- I would like to officially blame the building and it's craoppy lighting. Congrats to Chris on graduating!! Next stop: here! YEEHAW!!

Reccewife said...

heehee, I love it.
If it helps, wives aren't really invited to those kinds of things in the Canadian army, so I on'y have a few really bad pictures of the back of other people's heads in the whole 13 years :P

hmb said...

Congrats to your husband!
Also, my camera fails at any Army related event. Pretty sure it's a big conspiracy of some sort. Deployment ceremony, homecoming, and any of those little graduations that they do anytime someone pees...ALL crappy photos!