Tuesday, August 21, 2012

updates on various topics

My hair
I went to a new hairdresser last week. As a curly-headed person, it's always worrisome visiting a new hairdresser because you don't want to leave the place looking like this:
The hairdresser was nice, but she way over-shared her knowledge of hair follicles, split ends and top of the line shampoo. She even tried to sell me a shampoo/condition made primarily of caviar. I was very polite and (tried to) responded with the appropriate level of enthusiasm, but inside I was thinking, "I have a strict grocery budget so there's no way I'm going to pay $65 TO PUT FISH EGGS IN MY HAIR."

Our first Sunday here we went to a new church. We visited that church when we came in May, but this time we went to Sunday school. The man who greeted us at the door asked if we wanted to be in the 20's class or the 30-40's class. Such questions always present us with a problem because I'm 23 but Christopher is very old will be 30 in November. We ended up in the class with the 30-40 year olds but really, everyone in the class seemed like a spring chicken compared to our last Sunday school class. The average age at that class was 65.
I absolutely do not enjoy speaking in situations where everyone sits around watching, but unfortunately for me, that's the recipe for interactive Sunday schools. Here's an example of why I sit there very quietly and let Christopher do all the talking.

George (the SS teacher): "So Sarah, you're a military wife, right?"
Me: "Yes."

George: "And sometimes Christopher goes out on training or to the field and you are left at home?"
Me: "Yes." (I am so eloquent!) 
George: "What do you do when Christopher's not at home?"
Me: (what I said in my head- He really wants to know what I do? What am I supposed to say? I don't want to say that I read, eat, scrapbook, eat snacks and occasionally watch a movie. Maybe I should say I planted flowers one time. Maybe grocery shopping is the right answer. Why does he want to know what I do??) "Ummm..."

George: "You hold down the fort, don't you? You make sure everything runs smoothly."
Me: "Oh. OH. Yes. That's right. That's what I do."

Those were the only words I ever spoke in that class.

We went to see the new Bourne movie the other day.

That was a rather frustrating experience.

This is not an update so much as a few tips from someone who had A LOT of unanswered questions when she left the theater.
1. The guy in the woods at the beginning is the same guy who saves the lady from being shot in her house. Don't spend 45 minutes of your life wondering when the guy from the woods is going to appear again. He did appear; he just looked different because he shaved. Never has facial hair made me so frustrated.
2. Jason Bourne is not in the movie so don't keep wondering when he's going to make some sort of unrealistic entrance. I don't know why they called it a Bourne movie if HE WASN'T EVEN IN IT. If they had called it the Aaron Cross Legacy I would have enjoyed the movie a little bit more.
3. If 55 minutes into the movie you have asked your version of Christopher 18 questions and he's only known the answer to 3 of them, it may be time to reassess your movie choices.
4. Eat some popcorn.
5. Declare the next month a girly movies only month.


Jen said...

Haha your movie experience made me laugh! We had thought about seeing that movie and I said to Kyle that we probably shouldn't because I would ask a million question and he said he probably couldn't answer any of them. :)

Reccewife said...

As a curly haired person, I so agree! And I can't imagine a Sunday School class like that, my problem being I would get so nervous with the questions I would babblle incessently. Perhaps I should stop complaining about our new church not inviting us to things :P

Jamie said...

Hah. Fish egg shampoo. That is hilarious and disgusting.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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