Monday, August 13, 2012

weekend report- new town edition

I spent a portion of Friday afternoon procrastinating about about unpacking boxes trying on various hats as I unpacked them. I think I hit upon a winning outfit with this one. The scarf is the perfect finishing touch.
Saturday we decided we had given enough time and attention to unpacking boxes so we went to an airshow with our friends the Dig's. I KNOW. Not even here a week and the socializing already started.
Lesson learned at airshow: some people get offended if you mistakenly call an airplane a helicopter or vice versa. (At least I didn't call it a hot air balloon or blimp.)
That night we went to movies in the park to see Ratatouille. A man from the newspaper came by and asked to take our picture so we agreed. Only after he took it did we start discussing the authenticity of the man's newspaper photographer story. We could only hope that he really did work for the newspaper and that the picture wouldn't end up as our obituary photo.
Obviously it was not our obituary photo because we're still alive and kicking! 

ps. We saw a shooting star while watching the movie!


Erin said...

New reader to your blog and I absolutely love it-- and your writing style! I'm always laughing! :) Glad you're still alive ;)

Jenn said...

Ah Chris was so excited to take the picture in the airplane/helicopter, huh? ;) Oh and I have a picture of you and Sam staring at a trash can, so I'll be sure to post that when I recap the weekend (which I'll probably get around to.... oh say, maybe this weekend).

Nicole said...

Yay, welcome to Campbell! :)