Wednesday, September 4, 2013

social hour with Sesame

We had a little face to face time with baby Sesame yesterday!
We confirmed there's only one baby on the way. I was little disappointed about it but Christopher was relieved. He's given many speeches along the lines of, "If God wants us to have more than one baby at a time He will give us the strength to deal with it," but it was always in the voice of a resigned martyr. He wasn't quite as excited about the idea of multiples but I don't blame him. He hasn't had an extensive career of caring for three sets of twins like I have.

Our little baby is a mover and a shaker. It was the cutest thing to see Sesame wiggle around and kick it's tiny feet. The chocolate Ensure I drank earlier may have been partially responsible for all the movement. Who wouldn't do a happy dance after tasting chocolate for the first time? It moved the entire 20 minutes until the ultrasound lady said she was going to take a video for us. Like a switch it went still. I have a feeling this pattern is going to repeat throughout the next 90 years. I can forget about all the grand plans I had for cute baby photo shots.

Based on our 20 minutes together, I think the baby has a possible career in the following areas:
1. a orchestra conductor
2. an NYC Rockette (only if it's a girl, obviously)
3. an Olympic athlete. I support this since I'd love to hold my opening ceremony party at the real opening ceremony. Look at those legs! They destined for greatness. (Not to be picky, but I would prefer Sesame pick a sport other than track. Maybe something along the lines of gymnastics.)
Either way, our child is obviously a prodigy.


Jen said...

What a precious Sesame! :)

Jenn said...

There is no doubt your child is destined for great things (and a wonderful selection of footwear). I mean, look who s/he comes from??

PS. Holding your Olympic party AT the Olympics probably means you can go all out and get gluten-filled chips to go with the dip. I mean, come on. Special occasion time.

Erin said...

So sweet! Enjoy how exciting this time is!

Allison said...

You have an opening ceremony party!? I want to go to there. Also, why didn't I think of that?