Monday, September 23, 2013

Watch Sesame Grow: week 12

Edition: We Took the Show on the Road
I removed the arrow from below the word weeks because there is no baby in my ankles.
Size of baby: Just over 2''/ the size of a lime. (Never have I encountered such a difficult lime.)
Fun fact: Fingers and toes are opening and closing.
Size of mother: Our scale is at least 2lbs wrong so I don't have a definite number, but I wouldn't be surprised if we were down another pound bringing us to 120. I met a woman the other day who lost 30lbs in the first trimester.
There's nothing to see when I'm standing so from now on I'm going to sit for weekly photos. 
What's on the menu: What is this food of which you speak? I have a steady diet of one muffin a day mixed with a handful of Pringles and a smattering of fruit or vegetables. And I do mean smattering. The other day I ate all of six grapes.
Worst part of the week: I will spare you all the details of my second emergency room visit over the weekend. Last weeks visit did not turn out well but on Friday I had gotten sick no less than 14 times and could keep absolutely nothing down so we went to a different hospital in hopes of better treatment. We were in the waiting room for three hours during which time I discovered to my immense horror that green Skittles are now green apple, not lime. To add insult to injury! (I kept a VERY CLOSE watch on the availability of the only waiting room bathroom in case I needed to dash in there and announced I had no issues with going into the mens room if absolutely necessary because I refused to make a scene in public. I didn't resort to that, thank the Good Lord, but when the times get desperate...). I got poked and prodded seven times before they found a non-collapsing vein for the iv. Like the Princess and the Pea, I have very tender skin so you can imagine the lovely shades of blue, green, and brown all up and down my arms. I know I said I wouldn't share all the details (and I'm not! I'm really not!), but can we agree that the administration lady SHOULD NOT have chosen the moment when two nurses were on pokes 4 and 5 to come in and ask me nonessential information like my social security number and place of business? There I was, being a human pincushion and she's standing there like we're doing some sort of normal transaction at CVS. I am a very nonviolent person but I really wanted to smack her. 
Best part of the week: I finally got my iv. Hallelujah and amen.
The paparazzi wanted a moment in the limelight.


Jen said...

There is nothing worse than being poked and prodded. Ugh!

Ashley said...

OH no!! I hope the midwives are treating you nicely. I had to go to the Vandy ER once and they were all uber nice!

Jenn said...

You sure look good for being as sick as you are! I'd be taking weekly photos in yoga pants holding a puke pail. Because isn't that REALLY how you want to remember this lovely time of incubation? In your spare time, I'd really love it if you posted a house tour of your new place. Can you squeeze that in between the puking? Thaaaaaanks. ;)

Allison said...

Sarah- your's are the worst pregnancy stories I've ever heard! Geez Lousie, this baby had better come out with a full-ride to an ivy league school for all it's putting you through!

In other news, your ankles look so skinny!!!!

Rachel Ross said...

Oh goodness you poor thing! Hope this baby lets up on you soon!

Big Cheese said...

......such a beautiful daughter, wife and mom.)


.....this happy face shows Same's joy at having such loving parents.)

Barbara said...

Good thing you let the paparazzi get a little lime light. (There's that word lime again.) Though he looks like a force for you to reckon with, it gave me a good laugh out loud!

Barbara said...

PS You look great in spite of all you're going through!
PSS I second the motion on Jenn's request for house pictures.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Ugh, sorry you are so sick! I lost 10lbs in the first trimester with Wells. My all day sickness stopped aroud 16 weeks. Praying that yours is sooner!