Monday, September 16, 2013

Watch Sesame Grow: week 11

I told myself this would absolutely not turn into a pregnancy blog but here we are, five posts in a row about a pregnancy that has not felt like a walk through a field of wildflowers. I promise I will not do 500 reviews of baby products. If I had any exciting updates on my living room curtain situation to give you instead, I'd do so in a heartbeat. 

Edition: Not too Much to See Here
Size of baby: 11/2''/ the size of a fig/the size of a golf ball (I'd never say a fig and a golf ball are the same size but what do I know?)
Fun fact: Taste buds are appearing and some bones are beginning to harden
Size of mother: Another pound down, bringing us to a grand total of 7lbs lost.
What's on the menu: Still nothing interesting. I did manage to eat both pizza and chicken wings which is a step in the right direction and somewhat normal personish.
Worst part of the week: How much time time do you have to hear my latest sob story? Grab yourself a beverage because this could take a while. I decided it might be smart to hop over to the hospital for an IV to head off what I was certain was dehydration. When Christopher came home from the field Friday night, I told him that flashing lights filled my eyes one of the many times I got sick. He said that while the lights might have been pretty, they weren't natural. We could have gone to the hospital Friday night but that would have involved me actually standing up and some things are too much to ask for. We went to the hospital Saturday morning looking for some relief and you know what happened? I was refused an IV. The nurse was very sympathetic and would have given me one, but the doctor (who looked like a prison warden), leaned on the side of the bed and told me I was fine (WOULD I BE IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM IF I WAS FINE?) and to start taking a different prescription. Then she pointed me in the direction of the exit. I read on the internet that hospitals can't refuse pregnant ladies an iv, but apparently they can. Granted I didn't read that on WebMD or another verifiable source, but chat rooms can't lie! Everything on the internet is true! I left thinking some very unkind thoughts and I continued to think some very unkind thoughts as I sat on a bench outside waiting for Christopher to pick me up.
Best part of the week: I heard the baby's heartbeat while at the hospital. Christopher had to leave to take care of his guys so he missed it, but the nurse gave me the little machine to hold up to my phone so I could record it for him. That nurse was so sweet. She deserves some chocolates that shouldn't be shared with the doctor.


Jen said...

The refused you an IV?! Yeah they definitely are not allowed to do that, i would file a complaint. Not cool on their part. At least the nurse was nice.

Jenn said...

AHHHHH DIE BACH DIE!!!! (stab stab stab)

Allison said...

I'm glad your little golf ball is healthy and happy in there, even if it is making you miserable.

Nurses are the best! I had to make a bunch of heartbeat recordings for Andrew, and they were always so sweet about it. Once I even took video of my nurse describing the sonogram for him.

Rachel Ross said...

That is horrible!! I don't think they're allowed to do that! Feel better!! :)

His Doorkeeper said...

Congratulations Sarah on your pregnancy!! Don't be too worried about the nausea. I was totally sick the entire 9 months with both my children and they were born healthy and are still healthy!

Anonymous said...

Some people have too much fun being nauseous--or at least they attempt to make the state of nausea (I've been to that state, btw) appear to be humorous when it is obviously not. You're not fooling anyone, my pretty.

The emergency room doctor probably read your blog and reasoned that someone who is really sick wouldn't be doing so much joking around. Besides, you look too good, okay? You can hardly blame her.

And you're right. The internet doesn't lie. That's why so many people are so smart nowadays. I've never met so many smart people in all my years on the planet (which are legion).

And Sesame is right about the card. It's too late for a man who already fell and broke so many things to be hanging onto anything (except Christ and the love of friends). ;)

Thanks for the giggles, Dear one. Much needed. You are a very clever blogger (there's that word "clever" again, just like the baby announcement pic).

~MaMo <3