Tuesday, November 5, 2013

no birthday people were named in the writing of this post

Someone around here is having a birthday.

It's not me and it's certainly not Sesame, so that leaves only this chunk of cuteness.
We're not allowed to make a fuss about it (no big cake! no need to buy candles! no balloons!) but he who shall not be named is going to have a party anyway. Obviously. You can't live with me and not at least have a birthday meal using the birthday plate. 

Happy birthday, favorite husband. I hope Sesame has your little smirk. It's sure to get lots of girlfriends/boyfriend in the church nursery. 


Jenn said...

Oh hubba hubba look at that smirk! I hope Sesame makes that exact face! Happy birthday Christopher! Eat some cake for me please :)

Meg Doherty said...

Aww happy birthday, Christopher! I'm glad you're giving him a birthday dinner anyway ;)

Allison said...

What is the birthday plate and where can I get one!?

Happy Birthday to Christopher!