Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Watch Sesame Grow, week 21

Edition: Is this as repetitive to read as it is to write?
Please ignore that we had lighting and wardrobe issues. Apparently it wasn't a good idea to wear a black shirt when having said lighting issues.  

Size of baby: Weighs between 3/4 and one pound. 
Fun fact: Sesame's eyebrows have formed. The baby normally moves around in the morning, but Sunday morning it was bopping around even more than normal during the music at church. I'm glad he/she likes hymns, but I'm waiting for the moment it breaks out the dance moves for Josh Turner.
Size of mother: I haven't been anywhere with a scale so once again I have no numbers to report. It's probably just as well because seeing what I've gained would probably depress me. 
What's on the menu: Much to my sorrow, I still haven't craved anything. I've slowed down on my Dorito consumption because I'm fairly certain it's not featured on the diet of pregnant champions, but I still eat my fair share. Potatoes of all varieties (hooray for chips and French fries!) are safe so the potato farmers of America can thank me for keeping them in business. We made this recipe the other day and it was a big hit. I hope you can handle how gourmet it is. 
Worst part of the week: Some of my bones feel like they're about to break in half and sometimes I have a hard time breathing and my heart goes about 162bpm. It's all as pleasant as you can imagine. 
Best part of the week: When Christopher thought I finally lost it and stole someone else's baby. I asked the dance teacher's husband if I could hold their baby at the end of our watlzing lesson but Christopher didn't hear me ask. All he saw was me taking the baby away from her father. She wasn't too pleased with the arrangement and wailed very loudly but at least I got to hold a baby. The last time I held a baby (not counting baby Freddy who is the size of a two year old) was last Christmas. Between babysitting, the church nursery and volunteering at the children's hospital, the Sarah of past years was ALWAYS holding babies. This portion of the country is very lacking in babies to hold. 
Other things I have to say: I have a lot of issues with my pants. I was wearing regular pants with the button undone but that doesn't work so well anymore. I have maternity pants but I spend all day pulling them up. So either I walk around with my pants unbuttoned feeling very undressed or I walk around pulling my pants up very three steps. Bring on the sweatpants. It's a very fashionable life I lead.


Jen said...

Still looking great my friend! :)

Erin said...

Thanks for linking to the recipe now I have something new to try! And you are still looking great!

Julie said...

I feel like I am always pulling up my maternity pants panels. They just don't stay up right regardless. Still, I will take that over regular jeans any day. They expand with each meal and it is awesome.

Allison said...

I used belly bands to hold up my regular unbuttoned pants when I was still too little for maternity pants.

You could try that or you could just wear yoga pants everywhere like the rest of us.