Sunday, June 15, 2014

a letter from Sesame

Dear Daddy,
   I heard from the other kids in the church nursery that today is the day we celebrate you, my male parental. I'm a big fan of you. You were there for me the day I was born when Mama was high as a kite and didn't even know where I came from. (How does someone get high as a kite? Mom wouldn't tell me. She said to ask you.)
Sorry about being so upset in this picture. I didn't like that my hat was covering my eyes.
I like when you sing to me because you change the words and make the songs new and exciting.
I know I look a little doubtful about this getup Mom put me in, but it has nothing to do with what my outfit says. I was only about four weeks old then so I still hadn't figured out much about my life or the ever-present camera. (Mom says she wishes I could go back to being so tiny and squishy. I'm glad you accept my slightly larger but still squishy self as I am now without trying to relive the past.)
 I made this little picture for you when I should have been taking a nap.
You'll still be my favorite dad even when I have Prince William for a father in law.

Annabelle/Sesame/Squishy/your favorite daughter


Jen said...

This is such a sweet post! :)

Sarah said...

Great post Annabelle! You're amazing!

Meg Doherty said...

Love this post!! She is a little daddy's girl for sure :)

Anonymous said...

Did I miss when your friend had her baby? What did she have?