Tuesday, June 17, 2014

by all appearances this is turning into a fashion blog

I consider it one of my responsibilities as a mother to instill in Annabelle the importance of wearing holiday appropriate clothing. We started off Father's Day weekend in this little getup.
Sunday rolled around and Sesame realized that she had forgotten to order her father's gift. She's so busy during the day sitting in her swing and being carried around in her royal chariot (aka my arms) that it's totally understandable it slipped her mind. Thankfully we remembered a card.
I had big plans of letting Christopher have a relaxing day and making him whatever meal he wanted, but he ended up cooking for us. He did get to sleep until 7:57 and still managed to be ready to leave for church by 8:05 which I don't even want to talk about because the baby and I were up since 6:15. 
Outfit two of the weekend was the onesie I gave Christopher when I found out I was pregnant. She had little jeans and polka dot shoes on for church which really completed the ensemble. I really impressed myself with that outfit.
They're so cute!
Her hand on her knee! Her camouflage bow!
I wish I looked this cute when sitting out on the porch in my pj's. I love her little face!!

PS. Totally unrelated, but I survived a phone call with the insurance company today. Someone mail me a Lifetime Achievement Award.


Jen said...

So cute! The first onesie is adorable.

Kim said...

She's adorable! Love the bow too!

Allison said...

When she smiles, I can't help but smile!

Marcella{The Life After "Trust Me"} said...

I don't think I've ever looked that cute in my pajamas! ;)