Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I've decided I have terrible luck with doctors

On Sunday I wrote an entire post about our weekend in my head. It was interesting, funny, and witty. When I wrote it out yesterday I got six sentences in and decided it would be more interesting to read furniture assembly directions. I was going to try again today but I spent 62 (SIXTY TWO) minutes in the waiting room at the doctor's and another 24 waiting for her to come into the exam room. I was not at all happy to lose an entire afternoon of my life sitting around that office. When we finally made it home I tried swatting a fly with a burp cloth but missed the fly and got Annabelle in the forehead. In other afternoon discoveries, for anyone wondering if it's possible to get your toe stuck in a small hole in the comforter on your bed when you're trying to step around the baby sleeping in her bed and fall flat on your face on said bed, IT IS.

That's why I'm here today with nothing but a handful of unrelated pictures.

Another bad storm blew through on Saturday night. Naturally we were at an outdoor concert when it started. The silver lining was a fantastic sunset.
My garden is growing! I planted these flowers in March. I'm glad to see they're finally getting with the program.
Every day Annabelle and I go out to see how things are progressing. The neighborhood rabbits (Frederick, Margaret, and their offspring Curtis) ate both my cucumber plants and were starting on my green beans but I nipped that funny business in the bud. They haven't been interested in either my tomatoes or peppers. 
I don't know that I've mentioned it before, but I have a baby. 
Her cheeks get bigger every day.
My heart goes out to those who don't have a baby this cute.


Jen said...

She is too cute! :) Yay for your garden growing, it's too hot here for anything to grow.

Meg Doherty said...

You're an amazing photographer!! I love that photo of Sesame and her daddy (yes, I will call Annabelle that for the eternity of your blog ;) )