Tuesday, February 16, 2016

cabin fever

Cabin fever has officially set in.

I woke up on Sunday, the most romantic day of the year, in a mood and couldn't get myself out the door for church. By Sunday night it was obvious AB's pink eye was coming back. On Monday morning Christopher's car had a flat tire so he took mine to work. That meant I couldn't get her to the doctor or the pharmacy. By lunch time AB had a rash on both cheeks. She never ever gets a rash and I had no idea what it was from. We've been sick on and off (mostly on) for six weeks now. (That's what I get for boasting last winter about our great immune systems.) We've run out of new play ideas and there's only so many times a day we can take a bath. Most days it's either too muddy or too cold to play outside. I am ready to throw in the towel. 
It snowed all last night and through the day. We've gotten some snow here and there but this was the first big storm. 
Christopher and I have differing ideas of how to deal with snow. I'm from the part of the world where we very diligently shovel the driveway every time it snows. We like to get it out of the way so shoveling for the next storm is easier. I assumed that's common sense. Christopher doesn't understand my method. He is very lackadaisical about the whole thing. He might shovel, he might take a nap instead. He might shovel, he might decide to sit down and read a book. It hasn't caused any tension or eye rolling on my part at all. He got more excited about the snow clearing when he bought a snowblower but I'm here to tell you it snowed last week and the driveway was only slightly cleared. 

This morning I took the matter of the driveway into my own hands. I put Pooh on for Sesame, gave her some blueberries and hightailed it outta the living room. I was so looking forward to doing something out of the house. No need to tell me how stunning I looked. I already know.
The most attractive giant white blob you've ever seen.
Last night Christopher offered to show me how to use the snowblower but I said I already knew how. Turns out I did not. I pushed buttons and pulled knobs for a good ten minutes with no luck.
I shoveled for almost an hour and was really proud of my work until I realized I still had half the driveway to go. So I gave up. The rest of the afternoon was more of the same tears from poor Sesame and waning patience from me. But the driveway was clear! That's all that really matters.

ps. In all fairness, Christopher cleared driveway and a path to the door when he got home. But he had a head start because I did half of it for him. ;-)

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Jen said...

ugh hopefully you get some relief from the snow soon!