Monday, February 1, 2016

weekend review, edition 19

I survived the Big Brother Big Sister interview. It was so long and intense I came home and immediately lay down on the couch. I will never again schedule an interview when I'm sick. The lady who did the interview wasn't kidding when she was it would be in-depth. What is my parents marriage like? How many drinks does it take for me to get drunk? What are my views on corporal punishment? What is the biggest conflict in my marriage? What is my biggest flaw? How would others describe me? What changes would I make in the justice system in relation to pedophiles? 

I'm pretty sure the starfish pose wouldn't have helped me recover when I was rambling about something for so long that I forgot the question and had to ask the lady. That happened TWICE. Let's all have a moment of grateful silence that I'm not the breadwinner in the family. My lack of interview skilz would leave me jobless and my family living in a box. Although thanks to Pinterest it would probably be a very cute box.

Our never ending sickness continued all week. I survived Friday by telling myself over and over that Christopher would be home the next day to help take care of AB. All I had to do was make it through the day. Then he came home and said he had to work Saturday morning. I cried. I was SO TIRED and SO OVER BEING SICK and ALL I WANTED TO DO was be able to breath through my nose while I slept. I attempted to calm myself down by sitting on the couch eating lime tortilla chips and watching an episode of Army Wives. I'd never watched Army Wives because I was sure it would be ridiculous and totally Hollywoodized. I decided since I was already down I'd watch some so I could speak knowledgeably on it. As I suspected, it's highly unrealistic. On what post ever has there been such a beautiful and pristine hospital? Do those ladies ever set foot in the commissary during the 5 o'clock rush? I have NEVER come across a lieutenant colonel working at any gate but there was LTC So and So filling out visitor passes at midnight. The most realistic thing about the show is the sub-par base housing. But somehow it sucked me in enough to watch six episodes so make of that what you will.

In other boring news (we can't all constantly be having girls nights like the army wives), I went to the Sprint store four times today. That's four more times than I would like. My phone has been acting spastic for the last few minutes and I finally ordered a replacement. I went down at 10:30 to pick it up and the guy said it would take an hour to transfer everything from my old phone. We played at the park for an hour then went back to the store. He said it would be done in 18 minutes. We went home for lunch and returned an hour later only to be told it still wasn't done, but it "should" be only 8 more minutes. SIX HOURS LATER I got my phone. The worst part of the day wasn't not having a phone. It was the 12 times I had to buckle and unbuckle AB's car seat. It made me long for a more simple day.

And lastly, the clasp on my necklace is stuck and I can't get the necklace off. Welcome to my life.

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Jen said...

Ugh sickness is everywhere, I am trying so hard to not get sick!