Thursday, February 11, 2016

the silver lining is all my scrapbook papers are color-coded

Back in our Fort Campbell home I had a craft room I thoroughly enjoyed. It had a rug, it was warm, it overlooked the downstairs living room so I could keep an eye on the goings on down there while simultaneously watching the neighbors through the window. It was a delightful setup.

My current craft room (more like craft room to be) is located in the basement. It triples as the seasonal decor storage room/current catch all room so needless to say I have a lot of work to do. I began tackling it yesterday and was quite pleased with my progress.

I won't insult your intelligence by pointing out that these are the before pictures. Thumbs up for my fabulous cell phone photos. 
Do you want to curl up in the fetal position and cry yet?

Don't worry! I created a brief diagram to help explain a small amount of the mayhem going on here. Feel free to blow it up and use it as the background on your computer.
Not pictured- snacks. Lots of snacks.
I have some grand ideas for creating an amazing room but sadly my budget and energy are not as big as my dreams. If anyone knows (or knows someone who knows someone who knows) Joanna Gaines please send her my way. 

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Laura Darling said...

I see potential for sure. Slap a peg board up on that wall and you will be well on your way. Also, get yourself a DD every day.