Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Funday

Within the last 48 hours the following happened:

+ I knocked over a display of fabric at Joann's.
+ I tried to exit through the enter door but it wouldn't open so I stood there like an idiot staring at it and wondering what was wrong.
+ The washing machine stopped draining the water after it's run
+ The light bulb in the living room lamp burnt out and all I had to replace it was a florescent bulb. I hate florescent lights.
+ I cooked steak to go in a new recipe but didn't realize it was bad until I tasted it right before it went on the table.

In light of all that I declared today Friday Funday. No errands, no unnecessary chores, no laundry. We made pancakes for breakfast and Sesame had a moment with the oil.
Please note her headband. She found it in the closet and put it on herself.
I've never been more proud.
After breakfast I got ready for the day while Annabelle redecorated the house with paper napkins she found in the cupboard. It seems she doesn't approve of all the decorating I've done since we moved in. When she was done with the napkins she asked to play in her pool so I brought it in from the garage and put it in the living room. She then said she wanted to "cook pasta'' in the pool. Four months ago I let her play with dry rice and pasta in her pool and she wanted to go back to the good old days. Instead of making a mess in our living room we went to the children's museum to make a mess someone else will vacuum up.

Red Dragon Martial Arts was unpacking their van when we got to the museum. Although I'm well versed in Chinese food I didn't know the Chinese New Year was just celebrated. The martial arts people were bringing their dragons for a culture dance in the gym. It's not everyday I say, "Hold on, Ses. We have to let the dragons go through the door before we do ."

The rice station in the Vietnam display is very popular. AB didn't care the 75 other children had played in the rice before her. She popped a handful of rice right into her mouth. So now we're sure to have a slew of new sickness around here.  
On the way home we stopped at a new Dunkin Donuts. I'm doing a scientific study of all the DD in the area so I had to do some market research. We had our usual order of "milk with a straw" and ice coffee. It was a good way to end the morning.

All week I told myself if I could just make it to Saturday I could sleep in while Christopher got up with AB. As these things go, Christopher has to be at work at eight o'clock in the morning so my dreams of sleeping in are gone. At least I know where to get good coffee to keep my spirits up.


Amanda said...

Haha scientific study. Love it. So glad you guys had a good day with no chores and stuff. :)

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

I totally support your need to check out every DD in the area!!!! I'll be looking for a full report to come in the future!! :)

Jenna said...

Fun days are needed especially when you feel like everything is going wrong.