Monday, March 21, 2016

another weekend, another round of germs

Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was less than stellar.

I spent most of Friday feeling like I was about to get sick at any second. I couldn't watch a particular video on Youtube because looking at the food made me feel sick. The new (healthy! organic! practically edible!) cleaner I bought made me gag. I told a friend I'd watch her two kids that night so I kept telling myself to just hold it together until they left. No such luck. I was hugging the toilet seat less than two minutes after the kids arrived. It didn't help that their mom brought reindeer hot dogs for their supper. Annabelle would be shocked to know her friends were eating Sven the reindeer from her beloved Frozen. I sent Christopher an SOS about the situation. As soon as he came home I dragged myself up the stairs and fell into the guest bed. I got SLAMMED with the stomach bug. Just the day before I had the TINIEST, SMALLEST bit of baby fever from a baby at Mops. That baby fever is GONE. Gone like a freight train. Gone like a home run. Gone, gone, gone. I forgot how extremely terrible nausea is. I don't know how I survived nine months of it. 

I perked up some on Saturday. I still felt funky but I was no longer running to the bathroom every couple of minutes. We took Annabelle to the playground after her nap and on the way back she started saying her mouth hurt. Ten minutes later when she was sitting on my lap she threw up in my hands. Gross City, USA. She perked up immediately after but I felt like I couldn't wash my hands enough times. 

The quiet restaurant/bar two houses down from us held their St. Patrick's Day party on Saturday night. Of course they did because it was a night I desperately needed quiet. Normally I'm a go with the flow person but that party was NOT on my list of approved neighborhood activities. People who attend bar parties seldom operate on a 2pm-5pm schedule. I made several speeches about how I was going to walk down there and shut down the whole operation if the loud music kept Annabelle awake. I loathe public speaking but I wouldn't have a problem grabbing the microphone from the lead singer of the Dave Matthew's cover band and telling everyone to go home. Christopher said I wouldn't do it. I said I would. In the end I called and asked how long the party was going to last. I said I had babies trying to sleep. Technically I only have one baby but I have a fish too so I don't think it was really a lie. 

And what was Christopher doing all weekend? Constantly checking the poll results on my last post. It's tied 8-8. Frankly I'm shocked. WHO are all the people supporting his view that Chaos (accidentally misspelled as Choas on the poll), Mayhem and Havoc are good middle names? Please come out of the woodwork. I'm dying to talk to you.

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Jen said...

Ugh I hope the sickness is gone!