Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Report, Daylight Savings edition

Friday found us hosting yet another play date. I enjoy play dates but I have a limit to how many I can handle within five days. Last week we had MOPS, a play date, a doctor's appointment, the landlord over to fix something, and another friend invite herself over all within 24 hours. I almost passed out from all the socialization. It's tough being an introvert who likes people. The line between "this is fun!" and being curled up in a ball in the corner is VERY THIN.
I woke up Saturday morning to a text from my friend saying we could bring Annabelle over her house whenever we wanted. We've started trading babysitting with them so we can each go on dates but I had no recollection of planning anything for this Saturday. Not people to turn down a free date we made plans to drop AB off after her nap. Sesame must have heard our plans for the evening because she spent all day moaning about her belly hurting and not feeling well. By lunchtime she had a fever. That's how we ended up not spending the evening at a restaurant, but at home with me asking Christopher if he's ever noticed that Matt Damon has very expressive eyebrows. He had not. I'm glad I pointed it out.
The only thing I remember about Sunday is I forgot about daylight savings and we didn't make it to church. Daylight savings on Sunday and no Downton Abbey tonight is almost too much to bear.

Today started off a little later than usual. Sesame usually wakes up around 7:15 but today she slept until almost 9:00. It was a sure sign she still wasn't feeling well. Two hours later she threw up all over. Happy Monday to me! She's been funky for a week so we went to the doctor this afternoon. After all the visits this year I'm sure they're preparing the Hypochondriac Mother of the Year Award for me. The doctor said to bring her back on Wednesday if she's still having symptoms. Looks like I'll either be spending Wednesday at the doctor's office or participating in this weeks play date. 


Jen said...

I get super stressed with too much interaction with people haha.

Barbara said...

"It's tough being an introvert who likes people." Well said! I wish I didn't know what you mean, but...I know what you mean.