Tuesday, January 24, 2017

f-r-e-e that spells free

Friday morning we watched the inauguration. I always enjoy the pomp and circumstance of the ceremony and was very excited to share it with Sesame. Inaugurations always make me long for my coveted job of First Lady. Christopher still isn't on board with being president but while there's breath there's hope. I suspect a First Lady wouldn't eat fried onions straight out of the can like I may have done but if that's the worst skeleton in my closet I think we'll be ok.

Annabelle has a fairly strong grasp on states and recognizes a number of them. She does get confused about how she can live in a state and "in a sta-reet (street)" at the same time, but I frequently forget where I live when I come out of Walmart so I understand. I had been telling her about the special song we sing about our country so I made us stand in the living room with our hands over our hearts during the National Anthem. 
Saturday we went to the mall to visit the cats and bring my rings to the jewelers. Annabelle was thrilled to see the cats and she wanted to bring home both Pumpkin and The Great Catsby. Millard T. Fillmore our fish is still alive and swimming but apparently he doesn't provide enough excitement.

Sunday morning I squeezed AB into a handmade outfit I wore when I was around two. The outfit was much less puff and didn't snap all the way but it made me so happy to her wearing it. She can go creek wading without worrying about getting the pants wet. 

Mother's Day Out is still going well. Annabelle loves the teacher and snack time and I love the alone time. After I dropped her off this morning I headed to one of my very favorite spots in town (besides Dunkin Donuts). I went to Delta Sonic to use their free vacuums. I love a clean car and not having to dig quarters out of my glove compartment to achieve said clean car is the best. I used to get excited about real things, now I get excitement over a free vacuum. How the times have changed.

Annabelle went on the potty at school so I rewarded her with something from the prize box and some chocolate. "Oooh, Mama! I YOBE chocolate."
 "Do you habe anymore?"
Free chocolate is almost as exciting as a free vacuum.


Jane Mc said...

She's adorable!

Jane Mc said...

She's adorable! And I'm with AB I yobe chocolate too!

Laura Darling said...

When the Olympics were in Salt Lake City in 2002, just a few months after 9/11, my dad made us all stand and put our hands over our hearts when they sang the national anthem during the opening ceremonies. I say way to go for teaching AB about patriotism!

There really is nothing better than a completely clean car. Except if getting it that way was free.

Jen said...

That first picture is to die for, she is the best!