Wednesday, January 4, 2017

it's all fun and games until you forget you're a mother

I spent part of Monday morning cleaning up a vomit covered child, car seat and sippy cup. I used every single wipe I had. Happy new year to me!

It hasn't been all gagging and throwing up. Our calendar has been quite full. I've become so popular since I moved away! Grandma Connie came up for Christmas and we had a super quick visit on Christmas Eve. Grandma confirmed that you can wear big earring and a big necklace at the same time. She's a true fashion icon.
Last week we decorated gingerbread cookies. I told everyone to "not stress and keep it low key." I did not take my own advice. I made a cookie of Princess Charlotte coming out of church after the Christmas service. My obsession with the royals may need to be reigned in a little. 
Mom got us and Grandma tickets to Disney on Ice for Christmas. It was so good. Annabelle saw the other kids eating giant snow cones from overpriced souvenir cups and kept asking for one. She said, "I'd yike somesign cold, dee-yicious and refreshing." I gave her a bottle of water instead.
She looked like this almost the entire time. It was priceless when she saw Minnie and Mickey. I love that she's young enough that she truly believes it's them and not people in costumes.
I was so impressed with the skaters. I can barely skate but Pumba back there had on FOUR skates. That's why he gets the big bucks and I hope to make it down the stairs without falling.
The show was held at the same arena where Dad I saw saw Josh Groban many years ago and it brought back so many wonderful memories. We sat next to the aisle about 10 rows from the front. At one point Josh walked down the aisle next to us as he was singing and momentarily held my hand. I repeat, WE HELD HANDS. It was one of the best moments of my life. If the security guard hadn't pushed him along I might have proposed. 

Autumn and Joanna came by for lunch one day. We named ourselves The Single Ladies Club back in the day before I got married and Autumn met Nick. Now Joanna and Autumn are both single again but it's too complicated to keep changing the club name to match our relationship statuses. I always think of Katie as my oldest friend but in reality it's Autumn and Joanna. I've known them since they were born. I used to think they weren't cool to hang out with since they're younger than me, but I finally started hanging out with them more when I was around 12 and we've been together ever since. We made our traditional bacon macaroni and cheese with a side of roasted cauliflower. Annabelle wasn't impressed with our meal so I took a DNA sample to find her real mother. No child of mine is allowed to dislike that meal! 

We were too busy showing pictures of our nieces and nephews to take an updated SLC picture, but here's one of Autumn and I from a few years ago when she got a snuggie. I hope someone decorates a gingerbread cookie to look like us.

Last night I went to the movies with Grandma and Janet. We saw Lion and loved it. The scenery was gorgeous and the main character adorable. When I got home I was telling Mom all about it and how it cemented my desire to adopt a little girl from India. I got so caught up in talking about her I forgot I already have a child until Mom said something about Annabelle. Who forgets they have a child?!?! I shouldn't think I can be responsible for a second child when I don't even remember I have one in the next room! And just like that I lost my chance of receiving the 2017 Mother of the Year award.


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