Tuesday, January 31, 2017

snow much fun

I haven't done much blogging lately because I haven't been sleeping much. Annabelle is on day 17 of not having at Mr. Lion at bedtime and night 16 (not that I'm counting) of not going to sleep before 10 o'clock at the earliest. My formally excellent sleeper has turned into a night owl. I know that she used Mr. Lion to fall asleep for almost 3 year and she won't adjust overnight, but it's been an exhausting process. Most nights she doesn't fall asleep until close to or after 11. Her eyes glaze over and she is beyond tired but she won't sleep. I talk to and play with her all day long, but come 7:30 (glorious bedtime) I'm ready for a break. She spends the hours calling for me to rock her to saying she has "just one sing to tell you, ok? I am all my children's mommy! I want a green frozen thing at my Frozen party. I want a Mr. Potato Head and a Mr. Potato Head wife and a potato baby. Which should we pay wif first, Mama? The baby one? The mommy one? I waked up! I want to build a sandcastle at the beach. Can you build one wif me? Where should my Potato Head baby go to sleep? Can you tell me about da bears story? Rachel is my friend. Can you kiss ALL my babies goodnight?"

Except for the not nursing part it's like having a newborn around. A newborn who talks about having a tea party then throws her cup out of bed. I can't sleep until she's asleep to needless to say I'm not fresh as a daisy in the morning.

Me: Do you know who has been keeping me awake every night?
Sesame: I dunno. Maybe it's somebody over there.

I'm still finding beads under the stove and in corners from The Spilled Bead Incident last month. Annabelle decided to add to the mess by pulling a bowl of coins off the counter and spilling them all over the floor. She then thought it would be fun to "go swimming" and spread them around even more. IT WAS NOT FUN FOR ME. 
This is what 980 spilled coins looks like.
It snowed that night which was much more fun for both of us than playing with money. Too bad AB didn't enjoy it more. 


Jen said...

She is so happy in the snow! I love it!

Laura Darling said...

Oh my gosh, not going to bed until 10:00 and swimming in beads and coins?!?! I hope things turn around in February!! She looks so cute in the snow pics though! :)