Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thursday Tidbits

I had big plans to blog yesterday afternoon but the morning exhausted me and I had no energy left. Why was I so tired? Because I hosted a play date. It was only 4 kids total but you'd have thought it was 34. I had a bad nights sleep, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and I didn't feel like having company. I felt so bad about it because they're a sweet family and good friends but I didn't even want to get out of bed, let alone prepare peanut butter sandwiches and strawberries for extra people. They didn't leave until after I had put Annabelle down for a nap. Isn't there an unwritten code that says play dates end before nap time? I can only be friends with fellow nap nazis. 

I've always been introverted but since having Annabelle it's gotten worse. I LOVE knowing all about people and what they do, what they like and their favorite flavor of ice cream. I don't like having to carry on endless conversations. I like the idea of having people over better than the actual having them and the small talk the comes with them. It's a complicated relationship.

On Monday I made a big deal about our fun activity of the day being a trip to the library. Sesame loves the dollhouse and play food in the childrens room so she was very excited. We got there only to discover it was closed for Martin Luther King Jr day. I'm as anti segregation as the next person but I don't appreciate that the country celebrating his birthday meant I couldn't visit the library. We walked around the pet store instead and ran into a friend from school MOPS. If you're looking for a gift for Annabelle just buy a dog toy. She's obsessed with them. 
Some big news around here is we're trying to wean Sesame of her pacifier. On Sunday night I made Mr. Lion a special bed out of a cardboard box and put it on her shelf. Mr. Lion said told Sesame he wants to start sleeping in his own bed. She was on board with the idea until she realized it meant he wouldn't be in her bed. He stayed in his bed for a while then went back into hers. The time they spent apart was very traumatic for all of us.
Last night he went on a vacation to the safari aka the living room. 
Every three minutes she'd ask what Mr. Lion was doing. "MAMA! You check on Mr. Lion! Mama! What's Mr. Lion doing? (Eating an apple.) Moooom! When is Mr. Lion coming back? (Tomorrow morning.) Mama! What's Mr. Lion doing? (Eating a marshmallow.) Is Mr. Lion on vacation with the giraffes? (Yes.) What's he doing now? (HE'S TRYING TO SLEEP BUT CAN'T BECAUSE YOU'RE BEING TOO NOISY.) She didn't go to sleep until 11 but she fell asleep without him for the first time in her life. No such luck so far tonight. It was too exhausting playing travel agent last night so he's staying in the guestroom tonight. Annabelle is none too pleased with this arrangement and she's letting us know it. 
They go way back.
This morning at MOPS we were discussing prayer. You know how people say not to pray for patience because you'll get a chance to practice it? The same applies when discussing prayer. You'll immediately find yourself in a situation which requires praying. We had a MAJOR toilet malfunction during lunch. I am not kidding when I say I was standing in the bathroom in my snow boots dealing with the situation for half an hour. I had to take water from the toilet with an old bucket and pour it into the sink. THEN THE SINK CLOGGED UP. I won't share anymore details. I don't want to relive the experience. Christopher came home with Draino which I poured into the toilet. He used the plunger one time and it was working again. After all my slaving and gagging and bleaching and praying for it to stop HE was the one who fixed it! 

Life can be so unfair. I'm sure Mr. Lion-less Annabelle would agree. 


Laura Darling said...

I did not realize from your text how severe the toilet malfunction had been!! That sounds awful. I might have packed up my belongings and moved.

I love that Mr. Lion took an evening tour of your house. However, that sounds exhausting. You should take him to the zoo and leave him with his fellow lions! My niece Annabelle has a little bear/lovie thing that she cannot sleep without. When they were here this weekend they went to visit my cousin, and when it was time for Annabelle to go to bed at my parents', the lovie was nowhere to be found. Cue absolute panic. Turns out they'd left it at my cousin's house, so her husband had to make a late night trip to my parents' to reunite them. If only she were a little older, we could have told her her blanket/bear was pulling a Mr. Lion and spending the evening traveling! :)

Jen said...

Haha I love her obsession with dog toys, she is too cute.