Friday, June 16, 2017

fake father's day

All last week in Texas I planned how we'd celebrate Father's Day. I hadn't seen many advertisements for Father's Day gifts but I thought maybe it was just because the only places I frequent are playgrounds and the library, neither of which are Hallmark level holiday spots. I asked Christopher if it was last Sunday (the 11th) and he said "I don't know. Maybe. Sure." Based on that concrete answer I continued on with my planning.

It wasn't until Saturday afternoon when I was in line at Lowe's that I saw a sign saying Father's Day is the 18th. I didn't believe it so I consulted the internet. The internet agreed that it was the 18th not the 11th. I had two thoughts: 1) How dare the rest of the world not be operating according to my schedule! 2. For once I was ahead of the game!

We continued on with fake Father's Day anyway because we have company coming this weekend and it made sense to stick to the original plan. It was the lowest of low key days. Christopher doesn't appreciate fancy straws like he should (party pooper) so I didn't bother buying any specially themed ones. Annabelle did wrap her gift in a girly glittery bag so at least we had a little sparkle.

Annabelle is obsessed with rocks and always brings them home. They end up in the car, all over the driveway and mixed in the toys. I decided it would be a very Father's Dayish thing for Christopher to make her a rock/fairy garden in the Hundred Acre Woods. Dumbo came along to inspect but not help. He never pulls his weight around here.
Sesame gave Christopher a little bear figurine she picked out at a rest stop on the way to Massachusetts. It was the second figurine we've gotten there so we're really keeping them in business. Another gift was this set of matching socks. I think they should wear them on her wedding day (if I ever let her leave the house). 


Julie said...

Love the socks!!! You are totally ahead of the game!

Jen said...

The socks are so awesome!

Laura Darling said...

That sock picture is so sweet! I'm cracking up that you thought Father's Day was last weekend! I think Sheila did that one time on an episode of Satellite Sisters! She called all the men in her family to wish them Happy Father's Day a whole week early!

Joy said...

I made the same mistake the past two years! Except last year I was two whole weeks ahead! Hope you are enjoying your guests. :)

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Haha! This is definitely something I would do too!!