Monday, June 26, 2017

here's to our 26th year of friendship

Normally when I have lengthy blog breaks it's due to lack of action in our neck of the woods. This time we've had some much excitement I've been too busy to blog.

My very best friend Katie came to visit last week. We hadn't seen each other in two years and four months. TWO PLUS YEARS. We used to be sad when three months went by without visits. Three months seems like nothing now.

The itinerary Katie emailed me said they were landing at 4:15. That gave me plenty of time to leisurely do all the last minute preparations, make muffins, change into a cute outfit and possibly take a short afternoon nap before I had to leave for the airport. I was feeling good about my great scheduling when I received a text from Katie at 2:13 that said "just landed!" After being stranded at the airport last month with no one to pick us up I was very concerned about arriving at the airport before them so they wouldn't have to wait. Instead I had to get Annabelle up from her nap, put the second car seat in the car, leave the vacuum in the middle of the floor in multiple pieces and run out the door in my cleaning/gym/look like I've been exercising but really been watching shows clothes. I took this selfie as I was rushing out the door.

Most of the activities we planned for the visit were things we did during our sleepovers in years past. We watched movies while eating popcorn, did our nails and talked for hours. One day we went to Niagara Falls and another we replanted my garden. We took the girls to the playground and had picnics. It wasn't quite like sleepovers of yore thanks to the constant demands of the girls, but it was so fun.

On Monday night Christopher watched the girls while Katie and I went out. A pottery painting studio near us teaches silver jewelry making classes and I signed us up for a class. The instructor kept telling us we had to work fast and once we did something it couldn't be undone. "It will be garbage. Garbage. If you mess up I can't fix it. It will be garbage. Work fast or you'll have to throw it away. It will be garbage." It wasn't a very motivating pep talk. Things were going very well until Katie dropped her tool and cracked her pendant. Garbage Lady tried to patch it up but said we wouldn't know if it was fixed until after it was taken out of the kiln. She came back a while later and said "The kiln gods have shone upon you! It's not garbage!" I've heard of many different gods but never the a God of the Kiln. 

I had to buy diapers for the 554th time so we swung by Target after our class. I always hope it will be my last time buying diapers but it never is. At this rate I'll be getting her diapers instead of a crockpot for her wedding. Anyway. When we had sleepovers before we were married talked about fun things. This visit we discussed onesie styles and the different patterns on Honest Company diapers. How the times have changed. We did laugh just as much as we always have. We kept saying we need to have more visits so we can have these fun outings. It's not fun living thousands of miles from your best friend.

The final stop on our moms night out tour was the Chinese restaurant. I asked the waiter if a specific meal was sweet or savory. He hesitated a minute so I said, "I mean, is it sweet or salty?'' English was obviously his second language so I wasn't sure if he know what savory meant. He replied, "Its more...tasteless." What a rave review! I don't know how the dish isn't a best seller. 

One day we we played in the river. It's all peaceful and fun until you start floating down the river and your mom can't get to you in time so Aunt Katie has to rescue you. Poor Annabelle was traumatized and has talked about it every day since. "I was foe-ting away so Mama telled Aunt Katie to catch me but Mama was too slow."
My main goal is for Annabelle and Kezia be to best friends. It's not going so well. They like each other part of the time but they're very much 3 year olds. There was a good amount of squabbling and arguing over toys. We had many moments of drama and tears. Other times they played so nicely and I'd think for the 8,000th time how I'm so happy Katie and I both had girls.


Laura Darling said...

What a fun visit! I'm laughing out loud at your description of the jewelry lady! She and the tasteless meal man should be friends!

Jen said...

Such a fun visit! Friends like that are the best.

Joy said...

Love it!!!