Tuesday, June 13, 2017

goodbye to school, hello to summer

Today was this little Mary Poppins wanna-be's last day of Parents Day Out.
I went back and forth so many times about signing her up but I'm so glad I did. She had so much fun "wif da kids and snacks at school" and I loved the time to myself. I lived for Tuesday mornings. I could browse stores, take a nap, sew, read or do whatever I wanted for three hours. I felt like a free woman and it was glorious.
I will miss having a a morning each week when we go our separate ways, but I think we'll have a fun summer. We spend 24/7 together regardless of the season but I'm going to make an effort for this season to be extra fun for her. I want to have lots of popsicles, set up teepees, go to the zoo and spend time at the pool and splash pads. I decided it will be the summer of low key meals and paper plates. I hope popsicles and popcorn are considered a well rounded supper. 

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Jane Mc said...

Love the "Mary Poppins" picture - Annabelle is, as always, adorable!