Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here I Am

Here I am watching over our friends' house while they're on vacation and hanging out with Gram, who lives in their in-law apartment. Gram is like the grandmother of everyone at church and their three best friends. I was trying to avoid reading blogs for atlest the weekend but being bookless/friendless/and everything funless at the moment, I decided that I could take just one little peek at whats been going on with everybody.

I had to rush out of the house too fast to pack many of the things I wanted to take with me(I was at Staples too long waiting...waiting...waiting for my paper to fax)so I've been a little bored. Thankfully Katie was with me last night and my friend Marissa is coming soon so I'll have more company(aka someone to do stuff with). I'll be back again on Sunday very well stocked with all things necessary items!

I hate using the word "bored" alot because I'm a firm believer that there is always something to do--you just have to find it. Usually when I go over someones house and its not a "real" sleepover, complete with buttery popcorn and giggly girls, I bring crafts, school, or stationary so I can keep myself busy. I did manage to grab a book but I don't want to finish it today because what will I read when I'm done?? I don't want it to sound at all like I'm not doing anything with Gram---I love spending time with and listening to her talk. Its just that she does take long naps in the afternoon and goes to bed early so its nice to have company for the "when Gram's not around" times. Plus, who wants to sleep in a big house by yourself when you can be with great friends?!

I just thought of something to do...Mrs. T wanted me to clean the bathroom. How exciting ; ) Soon I'll write a not-really-up-to-date post about what Katie and I did while she was here. It involved spending 33 minutes trying to get good directions and the dvd player not working. You won't want to miss it!

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