Thursday, June 11, 2009

Until Next Year...

Today was last day of school at the preschool that I volunteer at.

Translation: I had to say goodbye to the children that I've seen atlest once a week for a year(and in some cases, two years).

Translation of the translation: I've gotten very attached to these kids

Translation of the translation of the--you get the point--: it was really sad.

I managed not to cry when we were all giving hugs and they were leaving to go home, but still, I wanted to. Its not easy to let go of things, or as in this case people, that you've become so attached to! Its still not easy, even after three years. I knew when I started volunteering there that we would eventually come to the end of the school year but its 1) just one of those things you don't really know about unless you've done it, and 2) I thought I could handle it. Ha.

Handle it just about as well as a Dunkin Donuts addict can handled going without his daily French Vanilla coffee with extra cream and three chocolate donuts.

Anyhow, I'm going to miss Aleecya's fabulous little outfits and adorable voice(she was at the preschool for two years so she's one of those I'll miss the most); Sara A's coming up to me every single week to say "I like your necklace/shirt/shoes/ring". I'll miss Ethan's shy little face and how his round little cheeks slowly smile and suddenly delicious dimples appear. I'll miss always being called Sarah F so I wouldn't be confused with Sara A and Sarah O. I'll miss asking Juliette what they're going to name her new baby brother or sister and her always saying "Chico!"(I asked her many times just incase she would say some other name, but she never did!), and I'll miss Lucas doing that little flip thing with his head to get his long blond hair out of his eyes. I'll miss Leah, Riley, Dylan, Laura(so cute!), and all the others so much too.

One thing I won't miss so much is the sheer chaos that ensued every single time we'd get ready to go outside in the winter. Imagine jackets, hats, boots, mittens/gloves, scarfs and snowpants for approximately 16 children(in my room alone)getting horribly mixed up with the jackets, hats, etc. that belonged to children in the other rooms and you have(like I said before)sheer chaos. Next time you complain about putting gloves on your child's 10 little fingers, imagine doing it for 160 little fingers. I think I've made my point.

I'll miss you all so much and thank you for giving me so much joy every time I'd enter the Purple Room. I can't wait til next year when I'll see some of you again! ♥

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