Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ben & Kelsey

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Yesterday will go down in my book as one of the best parties of the year thus far. I went to the graduation party of my long long time friends, Ben{from college}and Kelsey{from high school}. The fact that I was there for 8 hours proves that I was having a fabulous time!

The girl of honor and I. Isn't she beautiful?! I'll miss her in the Fall when she moves to Tennessee!

I told Kelsey's sister Jennica that I wanted a picture of them, and she said with a huff, "well,I don't like her very much." Oh sure,Jenny, Just look at that're best friends!

Even my girl Joanna was there! I just love her to bits!

Kelsey's family put on the nicest graduation--homeschool or otherwise--ceremony I have ever seen. All 7 of her siblings had a part. Her two older sisters spoke, Jenny sang, and her three brothers sang two songs. Even her sweet grandmother spoke about when Kelsey was little. It was so touching and sweet! They're one of the funniest families I know so of course there was humor in there too!

Mr. Benjamin, the college graduate. He's going to law school next year, smart cookie.

At the very end of the ceremony, Kelsey spoke and sang. I'd like to point out that I did neither at my graduation. As expected, she did a wonderful job.

Here's one of the most exciting parts of the night: Amanda showed up! We hadn't seen each other in years and I wasn't expecting to see her until next month so it was a wonderful surprise for me! My mom looked at this picture and said, "oh,she's pretty!". I think all of my friends are beautiful!

Amanda, and her sister Lydia{who is also very pretty}, came to teach us Regency and Civil War dances. It was SOOOOOO fun we could have danced hours longer!! Joanna and I had the best time as dance partners for almost every dance. I'd like to book her in advance for the next 12 dances we attend together. I wasn't very good at all, but it was so fun I didn't mind. Besides, it was dark out and we were all moving so fast it wasn't worth stressing over how I looked! As is usual for this type of thing, the boys were extremely scarce. More than half the time you'd switch partners during a dance and be face-to-face with another couple made up of two girls and have to figure out who was "the man". It got quite entertaining! I only had to be a man twice; Joanna usually took over that role. A few times I danced with real boys which was nice. ;-) Amanda is planning a real ball for next month which makes me extremely excited. I'll dress up in Civil War dress with a hoop skirt and everything. I'm so thankful I got to practice some of the dances last night. Now I can't wait to teach them to my family!

* I'd like to give a special thank you to those who comforted me in my time of failed adventure. I feel so much better! *


Laura said...

That sounds like so much fun!

Sereina said...

Sounds like a fun graduation party!