Monday, June 28, 2010

Me, Marissa...and Rebecca

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Today was hot, sticky, muggy, and just plain warm.

I did school work on the computer almost all day and thought the day would end uneventfully, but around 3:00 I got this text from my friend, Marissa,
"Hey,what are you up to? I remembered that i still owe you dinner for your birthday,and i was wondering if tonight was good." I was surprised as I didn't even know she wanted to take my out for my birthday! I told her it would be lovely to spend the evening wining and dinning with her and what time should we meet? After very little deliberation, we choose to eat Olive Garden because she hadn't been there in a while and I had never been at all. We felt all sophisticated and important at our little table surrounded by all the Italian decorations. Two men were sitting at the table next to ours, and one of the men was rather, how shall I put it, friendly. "Do you girls want to sit with us? I'll pay for your meal!" *clears a space to us at his table* When the waiter brought him his beer he looked at us and said, "do you girls want a drink? Oh, never mind! You're only 17! hahaha." To each of his questions we looked at each other and went letmethinkaboutit NO. Why does this overly-friendly stranger situation keep happening to me? We had extra time after the restaurant so what else could we possibly do but go shopping? Marissa is so funny when she shops. She's just like Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic.

She can't resist the urge to buy something she loves. I have to keep an even closer eye on her wallet now that she has A CARD. ;-)

Tomorrow I'm babysitting Zachary and Molly all day and thanks to my newly-recovered courage, we're going out in search of another adventure. I'm not going to let the don't-pet-the-animals petting farm keep me down! :-)

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