Monday, June 14, 2010

Interview with my only{but favorite none-the-less}sister

Please answer the questions even if they might make you feel slightly uncomfortable. This is all in the name of future generations and posterity.
Which of the following nicknames do you feel is the most appropriate?
- Lizetta
- Lizette
- Bettina
- Betty
- Tina
- Tin(pronounced "teen")
- Squidzen
- Squidzette
I used to be tiny but I got bigger. Get it, TinY--TinA?
How long have I been your favorite sister?
The last two months.
SQUIDZEN!!!!!!!! What about all the time before that?
I didn't realize you were my favorite sister. I wanted you to be something better but now I know you're perfect the way you are.
What is your dream job?
Blueberry picker in Austria.
Why a blueberry picker?
Because then I could squish them under my feet like they do in movies. Or is that grapes?
That's grapes.
I guess I meant grapes picker.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how is life as a twin?
Um. Well. I'd give it a 10.45 for duplicity.
How do you think Aaron feels about being a twin?
He would give it a 10.54 for boredum.
NO! We're going to have to ask him about that.
Please make up a short poem on the spot about a topic of your choice.
"Oh wooden chair,
Where is thy hair?
Do you see how we stop and stare?
It's hard to do-becoming new
But we will help you get there."
How are you going to "get it there"?
I don't know.
If you could live anywhere in the world for six months outside of the United States, where would it be?
Because I see the lady of Niger who was swallod by a tiger.
The lady of Niger?
"There once was a lady of Niger,
Who once took a ride on a tiger.
The tiger returned with the lady inside
And a smile on the face of the tiger."
But I thought the lady was inside the tiger. How would you see her? You mean you want to see the tiger?
Oh yeah. I mean I want to see the tiger.
How do you feel about the fact that I take pictures of my feet(ONLY when my toenails are painted)in many different locations?
sigh. I feel very strongly that, um, toes should be walked on and not pictured with numerous landscapes including puddles and potholes, bathtubs and bushes.
I only do it because I did it that one time and you pretend-complained about it so I HAD to keep doing it.
Well, its like those archive places: you can't take pictures of them or they wear away. Your toes are going to wear away.
Would you give me your toes if mine wore away?
What famous person do you think would be a good president?
I think that Brad Paisley{oh,I have trained her well!} would be a good president because he is very handsome and all the other countries would love him and he could paint the White House paisley. That would be cool.
He'd definitely have my vote!
Of the people you know,who do you think would be a good president?
I nominate Sarah for the presidency because she would cause a new generation of baby bloomers{interviewer note- that's what she said, "bloomers", not "boomers"} and keep the White House completely organized. She would seat the people at special dinners by color-coding them.
{Oh,she knows me well!}

If someone in our family says that such-and-such "happened during Rush", what do they mean?
While we were listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio from 12:00-3:00.
If it "happened during Sean", what time would it be?
3:00-6:00. Then we turn the radio off because we don't like Mark.
He also gets turned off because he comes on at supper time and Mom likes relaxing meals.
What are some of your favorite words?
Oh yes! There are many,many. Insightful, epic, noodle, bologna{intervier note- she means saying it the way it's spelled}, esoteric.
What is you favorite music?
All kinds. Josh Groban
{that's my sister!}, Haley Westenra, Casting Crowns.
You're stuck on a desert island by yourself. There's no internet,computers, cell phones, ipods, cd players or books. What do you do to entertain yourself?
I would draw in the sand a picture of everything I remembered from back home. I'd also write all my sad thoughts on the sand so when high tide comes in it would wash them away.
That's a really nice thought.
Honey bunches! What person would you miss the most while on said deserted island? *hint hint*
I don't want to answer that question. That's not a nice question!
I thought you would miss me the most.
I already nominated you for president. I can only do so much!
Would you rather be a raindrop on a rose, or the glitter on fairy?
Raindrop on a rose.
It's natural beauty.
You are so eloquent.
Really? That was nice of you to say.
You are. Your writing is so good. Mine is not.
I keep telling you its good; I wouldn't have expected it. For school its not that great, but for blogging and emails it's good.
Would you rather sing like a bird or run like a cheetah?
Sing like a bird.
Would you rather be a triple-layer chocolate pie, or a simple but yummy strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream on top?
Chocolate pie.
You've been watching alot of Dr Quinn lately,right?
Yes, Ma'am!
What's your favorite episode of far?
When Dr. Quinn goes to visit her rich family in Boston.
How do you feel about the fact that I frequently refer to Sully as "Tarzan"?
I find it very disrespectful! You should call him "Knight in Shining Armour" or "Brave Byron". Call him "B.B." or "Double B".
Would you rather have perfect dreams and aspirations for life that never come true, or be a really sad person who's had everything they way they wanted it?
The one who never comes true.
*And with the thought, the interview ends abruptly with Elizabeth leaving to help Mom make supper.*

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Laura said...

I would totally vote for Brad too! Maybe I'll write him in during the next election!! And I love "it happened during Rush" and "happened during Sean." We do the same thing!