Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Weekend

We celebrated Fathers Day over two days this year- Saturday with The CCE{The Cutest Couple Ever, aka Daniel and Erika}and then again on Sunday. More correctly it should be called Fathers Weekend.

To start off the festivities we played Ladderball. Here we have Mom and Dad practising together. I asked them to look really into the game and this is the result. Mom did a good job but Dad, well, I have no idea what his face is all about.

Our competition was pretty relaxed. Maybe that's why they lost.

At least they were cheerful.

Look for the rockin' team of Barbara{also known as Mom}, Erika and Sarah coming to a Ladderball game near you. On second thought, don't look very hard for me. I didn't come in as one of the top two scorers for our team.

After supper, we all{along with Grandma}drove to the building Dad's renting for his new business so Daniel and Erika could see it. The twins got slightly bored listening to the talking,talking, talking{who can blame them, really. They've heard the business plan 312 times already.}so of their own initiative, they started peeling the unwanted border off the wall. Mom
and I have has trained them so well.

Upon our return home, we did what any heath-conscience people would do: sit down to eat sugar-laden ice cream and blueberry pie{blueberries are good for you!}. I have to add that the coffee ice cream Elizabeth made was a huge hit. I think she should start marketing it. As we ate we looked at pictures of Daniel and Erika's recent vacation to South Carolina and Colorado. Those people really get around. Here they are in Colorado:

I can't go without mentioning the three beautiful birthday gifts Daniel and Erika bought me in S.C. ~a lovely green wallet with a butterfly clasp, a blue, green and gold glass necklace, and one of those light blue flowered Popcorn shirts. Once when I unexpectedly slept over there house I needed a shirt so Erika let me borrow her black popcorn shirt{we're totally different sizes so this was the only "one size fits all" shirts she had}. The only requirement was that I had to sew a tear in it before I could wear it. She decided to buy me my own to make up for her actions! ; )

For Dad's special dinner I made Chicken with Olives. Despite the multiple flying-butter burns I received for my labors, it turned out well. I wanted to make a special dessert but I ran out of time. Besides, I was so tired you'd honestly think I chased, killed, and plucked that chicken.

The father with his three remaining children that live under his roof.

"And we do brag about you...
especially to all the other people in the world you have fathers.
Which is everybody."

And it's true...every word.

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