Saturday, June 12, 2010

Marissa's Party

Despite what became a torrential downpour, Marissa's graduation party was a shining success.

Our family is pretty attached to Marissa.
I tried situating everyone so we wouldn't look what we were in a police line-up but the going was a little tough. Aaron is smiling for the picture{thank heavens}but during my anti police line-up speech he did alot of, and I quote, "rolling of the eyes, rolling of the eyes". I just make his life so hard.

Please note the black pearl and diamond bracelet. My friend John and I gave it to her along with a silver and yellow necklace. The yellow fit her perfect as yellow is her current favorite color, as well as the color of her prom dress.

Marissa and Gram

Subject: Sister-in-law Debbie
Photographer: Aaron{makes me wonder-did he try telling her how to stand?}

During the graduation ceremony last night, I re-realized{how do you go about saying that, anyway?}one of the downsides of being home schooled was that I never got a picture taken in a cap and gown. I didn't do a graduation ceremony like some of my friends, so I wasn't about to spend $40 plus on it just for a picture even if I did want to. So today, three years after graduating high school, I achieved one of my goals: I had a real graduation picture complete with cap and gown taken. I was going to crop the picture more but didn't when I realized keeping the flag in the picture would be perfect because I had a patriotic themed graduation party. I love when things line up unexpectedly like that!

Hope you all have a great weekend! :)

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