Saturday, September 4, 2010

Earl will not dampen our staycation

Other than bringing alot of rain, Hurricane Earl was very anticlimactic. A weather man called him "a wimp" but I wouldn't go that far. Our fine governor decided to call a State of Emergency before one drop of rain had even fallen from the sky. I so wish he'd stop doing that. He's always calling a State of Emergency before the rain or snow start and nothing ever happens. One of these days we're going to end up in a boy who cried wolf situation.{By the way,I didn't vote for our governor.} At any rate, the sun is now shining and you'd never never anything happened.

In the spirit of wisdom, we took a few precautions just incase Earl was rambunctious. Mom mentioned something about securing the canopy over the picnic table, so Elizabeth proceeded to tie bright pink yarn around bricks and hang them from the poles of the canopy. I told her I doubted the yarn could withstand 2 mph winds let alone 80+ mph but they're still hanging there. Then again, there wasn't any wind to speak of either.


We are on a


for the weekend.

We had planned on going camping but that didn't work out so instead we're going to pack most of our summer traditions into a three day staycation. {We didn't cancel the camping because of Earl although goodness knows that had we gone camping, it would have been a terrible,terrible storm.} We're going hiking and to the lighthouse for a picnic tonight, and the committee is still deciding what we'll do the rest of the time. Miniature golf is high on the list of possibilities. I'm hoping Earl does not decide to make another appearance. {If he was a real person, he probably would just out of spite because I was making comments about my governor's decisions. I think this whole hurricane thing is too much for me. It's a good thing I'm going on a vacation of sorts. }

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Kimberly said...

Have a fantastic weekend on your staycation. Love doing those! Hope you stay dry!!! Following you from blog frog!!! ~Kimberly