Thursday, September 23, 2010

The unfortunate spider incidence, continued

There have been debates recently over the accuracy of my spider story. Being the kind sister that I am, I asked Elizabeth if she would like to write her version of the story{preferably leaving out any dramatics}for me. This is what she scribbled on a piece of paper for me.

Spider Woman's Anonymous
A Call to Courage

I went behind the shed. There were bugs there. Many of them. Not just bugs-no-ANIMALS. *scary music* Alright,they were spiders...but their centripetal roundness and long leggedness made them more ANIMALS than spiders which is why, oh wide-eyed reader, I put them in a jar. They were big. And they plunked. They kinda thudded when I shook the jar. It was so satisfying.*Shake shake! Plunk thud! *

Oh...then there was the sister. (Did I mention her?) She was reading her book of history while sitting on the green grass.

Meanwhile,a spider expired. (Truth be told, the other one poked a hole in his back and stuff was coming out.)

Liz: "Wow! Sarah,look! A spider dies!"
Sarah: "Lift the cover a little so I can see."

So. I lifted the cover. She said to. How was I supposed to know that the dead one would resurrect itself and *boing* out of the jar and towards Sarah's head?

{I still say she threw them at me.}

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