Monday, September 6, 2010

The lighthouse

On Saturday we made our yearly visit to the lighthouse for a picnic.

Thanks to Earl, it was much windier than usual and we spent most of our meal chasing the paper napkins, but other then that, it was wonderful. We always put our blanket right at the top of the hill so we can see the ocean all around us. The only downside was that Daniel and Erika weren't with us.

A certain little sister of mine was much more interested in watching the surfers than she was in eating her supper. To be specific, it wasn't the act of surfing she was most interested in, as the surfers themselves. I don't think she realized they were probably five times older than her.

After we ate, we went down the street to the other beach and walked on the rocks along the water while the sun set.

Every time we go somewhere with rocks, Mom and Elizabeth pick up big armfulls and bring them home. Big or small, they love rocks and since they usually never do anything with them, we now have little rock piles around the house and yard. It's kind of interesting. The rest of us have learned to be patient during their rock-picking spells.

My favorite part was seeing the sunset change and make the water blue, pink,gold and redish. It was so pretty.

I can't end this without saying the lighthouse is also special because it's the first place Erika went with us when she and Daniel started dating. Let's have a collective "aaaawwwww" over the sweetness of it.

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Kate said...

It looks sooo beautiful there! Wow. :)