Monday, September 13, 2010

Pictures from an event that happened two months ago

After 2 1/2 months of waiting and waiting, I've finally received pictures of the Civil War Ball. I tried to limit the number of pictures I put up so certain people* wouldn't make comments about there being an unusual amount of ball pictures, but I couldn't help it. Just be thankful I didn't put the other 441 pictures up. I promise to keep my comments brief to make up for it.

* Yes, Christopher, that would be you. :)

Here we have the orchestrator of the ball, the lovely Amanda.

The young man on the right is the Brandon who danced with me five times and monopolized my dance card. I was never lacking for an enthusiastic partner. It's worth noting that after finding out at the dance practice that I would be attending as a Northern lady{naturally}, he decided to come dressed as Abraham Lincoln instead of Robert E. Lee as previously planned.

Can that really be Aaron having fun at the ball he was totally against attending? I said it before but it's worth repeating...I told him he would have fun! {It can be so satisfying to say that.}

I intent to find out all the important details regarding this gentleman that Elizabeth was so clearly enjoying. If it's Noah, I fully approve.


Willie was never lacking for a lady to dance with.

The other Brandon obviously was enjoying himself.

I have no idea who this gentleman is but I was greatly impressed by his wardrobe selection.

Because every ball needs a little sass.

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Sereina said...

That dance looks like so much fun! I loved looking at all the pictures.