Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Review~Edition 9

Friday- I don't remember much of what happened except that it involved babysitting and Molly being back to her SO VERY LOUD self. I said the other week that she's at least 28 decibels higher than usual, but I feel the need to say that I have no idea what that really means or how scientifically possible that is. Don't look to me if you want any sort of accurate scientific facts. I mostly said it because it sounded cool.

Saturday- Katie come down for a few hours to be she could be my shopping buddy. It was a highly unsuccessful trip but we enjoyed ourselves anyway. It's always more comforting to be unsuccessful when you're with someone else.

Sunday- These gentlemen pulled themselves together quite nicely.

We had a rather unfortunate spider incident over the weekend.

Elizabeth was spending some time behind the shed and came across two spiders that looked like the spider above only 10x more disgusting but about the same size. She decided she wanted to keep them even though she does not like spiders at all, and always makes me kill them for her. It didn't make any sense to me. She somehow got them in glass jar and put a cover on top that was larger than the jar itself. For two days she checked on them as if she cared about them and seemed quite sad when one spider killed the other spider by poking a hole in it's back.(How she to the conclusion that that's how it died is beyond me. The whole situation is beyond me,actually.) She made such a fuss about it that I decided I wanted to see it for myself. This is where the story gets unfortunate. She brought them over to me with the jar tipped upside-down so the spiders were sitting on the cover. The jar was cloudy so I told her to lift it a very tiny bit so I could see them and give my unprofessional opinion. She decided the best course of action would be to completely lift the jar off instead of listening to my detailed directions. It was at this point that the dead spider choose to reincarnated itself. Elizabeth freaked out and throw both spiders as far away from her as she could{which wasn't very far}. And who was in her direct line of spider throwing fire? That would be me. Needless to say, it was a less than pleasant experience.

On a far more pleasant not, our ultra cool SBIL{step brother-in-law}celebrated his 21st birthday on Friday. {Look at that! It's a wedding picture I haven't put up already!}

Even if Wesley wasn't our only SBIL, he'd still be our favorite.

ps. Trying to find an spider picture on google was very disturbing.

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