Friday, November 5, 2010

the birthday we're not making a fuss about

I tried to be very quiet about this whole *it's Christopher's birthday* thing because I know he doesn't want me to make a fuss about it, but I don't have any other post today to stick this at the bottom of so here it is. I thought if the font is really small maybe it would be a little less IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY SO LET'S TELL THE WHOLE WORLDish. At any rate happy birthday, Christopher!

In other news, Autumn and Joanna are coming over tonight for a birthday/cooking night. Our main ingredients are cheese, bacon, popcorn, butter, cookies and chocolate. Stay tuned for the results of Cooking Party 2010, version 1.


Keri said...

MMMM to bacon, popcorn, cookies and chocolate!! I'll come!

Josh and I were talking about babysitters one day and he was thinking about the day when we would leave Amelia with a babysitter. I told him we already have one! I told him it was blogging friend Sarah and he was like, "You would leave her with someone you've never met in real life?" I said, "YUP!" ;)

You should friend me on facebook. It's under my real name and my pic is me giving Amelia a kiss. I tried finding you, but to no avail... :D

Dandelion Momma said...

I'm loving all these pictures Sarah!