Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The greatly lacking in pictures weekend

The Weekend of the Many Visitors can't really be filed under the category of Sarah did a super job of taking pictures that will be passed on to future generations. I started off with very good intentions of taking pictures of everyone and everything but that didn't happen. I think maybe I was distracted. I did, however, take two pictures. 

I like this picture for two reasons. One, it's a nice brother picture and two, Aaron is actually smiling. Aaron really smiling for a picture is such a rarity that I almost feel we should alert the newspaper about it. 

Grandma Connie's 70th birthday is at the end of this month so we had a surprise mini birthday celebration for her. She wasn't aware of who we were singing Happy Birthday to and was singing away with us until she realized we said, "dear Grandmaaaaaaa". 

I'll tell you what would have been interesting to have photographic evidence of: when Christopher was teaching me to drive his standard{her name is Gretchen}. It probably would have been even more interesting to video the whole thing. I discovered during those two lessons that I have a new talent known as the ability to stall in the middle of intersections. Granted, they were very slow intersections but still. I'll just accept it as a talent.

Hannah and Willie's dad took a few pictures of us before Christopher left which was very nice as I was about to commandeer one of the twins to do it for me. Elizabeth would have done well, but Aaron has a habit of just aiming in the general direction of the subject without looking and pushing the button whenever his little heart so desires. Needless to say, I think this picture is very nice. 

{Stephanie, are you paying attention?! ;-)}  

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