Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

There are no pictures to document it, but our Thanksgiving started off the way it always does- a pumpkin bread breakfast with Grandma. When Grandma left, Mom and Elizabeth rescued the turkeys from Grandma's oven while Aaron and I sat on the couch and watched part of Forrest Gump. Because that's such a Thanksgiving movie. After a very long while, the CCE and Andrew and Debbie arrived and we began our festivities.

This was the main theme of the Thanksgiving speech Daniel prepared for us:

He read parts from Of Plymouth Plantation, then we did an "interactive activity". I think we got a little too excited about the interactive part. Just the passing out of the pens caused quite a ruckus. Not surprisingly, Aaron and Andrew were 95% of the ruckus. They can't just be handed a pen. They have to throw them, trade them, complain that they don't like the color, start drawing on their hands, attempt balancing them on their fingers...and the list goes on. Finally Daniel "RANDOMLY!!" handed out a card with a family members name on it to each person. After we had written a few things we were thankful for about that person, we gave them back to Daniel and he read them aloud "ANONYMOUSLY!!" He was big on the 'random' and 'anonymous' part. It was an interesting twist to our normal "say what you're thankful for" tradition.

This is what Elizabeth looked like when Daniel was reading the card about her.

Apparently Aaron thought the activity was getting a little long because he said that his "stomach would be extremely thankful if it actually had some food in it." After applauding Daniel for his efforts {he really did do a good job}, we all agreed that yes, Aaron might have a point and so we moved on to the eating portion of the day.

After washing the ridiculous amount of dishes that always make an appearance at major holidays, we ended the day by visiting with Grandma and Nicholas and watching Christmas movies.

ps. Elizabeth and I braved Black Friday and not only did we return successful, we returned alive

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Laura Darling said...

Love the interactive activity! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!