Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meet the Eggberts

The female citizens of Babysitterville are avid crafters. We often find ourselves buried under piles of construction paper, scissors, markers with no covers and cries of "where's the glue???". Our latest and greatest inventions were various members of the Eggbert family. This family provided  us with hours upon hours of creative entertainment {see also: Molly was perfectly happy to sit in one spot for hours}.

Aunt Gigi is a reforming hippie/fortune teller
Caitlyn is Aunt Gigi's daughter and, according to Molly, wants to be just like her mother
I don't know why we have two Sarah's
Such a well-groomed Eggbert couldn't possibly be named anything other than Daniel
Having never seen Christopher was not an issue for Molly. She cut, glued, and drew like they were best friends.

Jason is a paper rendition of my dear friend, Jason Varitek. 
Elvira is just some Eggbert great aunt 
Grandma is our Grandma 
Contrary to popular belief, Hank, Danny, and Zack are not triplets- they're cousins. 

The real Zack loudly voiced that he was not at all pleased with the fact that his egg was so grumpy looking. In her great kindness, Molly looked at him and said with a shrug of her shoulders, "oh well." She's so compassionate. 
As a matter of fact yes, I do have a life outside of babysitting. As proof, let's discuss my sociology class for a minute. Ever since the second week of class, a distinct pattern occurs every week: 

1. Mr. Louis begins teaching at 4 o'clock to 30 students who are divided as follows: 1/3 pays attention, 1/3 sleeps, and the remaining 1/3 texts/Facebooks/talks to their neighbor/makes loud and annoying comments. {Yes Craven, I'm looking at you.}
2. Around 5 o'clock, people start making noises and loudly hinting that they NEED a break. {Because we just started one hour ago and can't possibly be expected to act like responsible people.}
3. Mr. Louis decides that we can have a 15 minute break and before the words are fully out of his mouth, 2/3 of the students are out the door never to return.
4. The remaining 1/3 of the class sits quietly during the break and stay for the remainder of the class.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 every Thursday from 4:00-6:45

There are some in our midst who weekly go through the should-I-go or should-I-stay fight. My friend Matt is one such individual. After weeks of flip-flopping on the issue, he decided to flip a coin to decide his fate. Seeing how I sit behind him and we're friends, he turned to me and asked for a coin. Now I'm not one to encourage people leaving the class, but I knew he'd just get a penny from someone else if I didn't give him one so I wouldn't be doing any good by refusing. Besides, we've been through a lot of sociology torture together. He flipped the coin and it landed on heads which meant he would stay. He decided to leave anyway. My model-student attitude did not do one bit of good. 
It's worth noting that while I say Matt is my friend, for the first three weeks of the class I was convinced his name was Ben. I have no logical explanation for this other than he looks like a Ben. 

As you can see, we're very good friends.

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