Tuesday, June 7, 2011

all in all, it was a very domestic day

Below is a pictorial tour of what happened in my neck of the woods yesterday. (Please note there are no pictures of the unintentional nap I took on the couch at just past 9:00.)

After my lovely breakfast of corn flakes and blueberries, I started on the laundry for the day. Doing laundry takes up a large part of my day now. (Isn't this an exciting picture?! It's dirty clothes! In the washing machine! This is the type of thrilling material that keeps you coming back for more!) 
I divide my housework up so that I clean one part every day instead of having to do it all in one day. Yesterday was Clean the Kitchen and Vacuum the Downstairs Day. There was a most unfortunate incident that morning involving coffee that decided it would rather be all over the counter instead of in the cup, so it's most providential yesterday was kitchen cleaning day.   

In between cleaning and eating lunch I killed a spider. I didn't take a picture of it because 1) it might have scurried off while I was getting my camera and I really have better things to do with my time than chase a spider all over the house, and 2) I was sure to see another spider sometime in my life so I didn't feel the need to document it. Apparently I didn't consider reason 2 when I took a picture of the washing machine or the broom.

Christopher wasn't able to come home for lunch, so I ate with Laura instead.
Laura Bush, that is.

(I ate chocolate after I finished my salad which totally defeated the purpose of eating a healthy lunch. The bag of chocolates from Katie was sitting on the shelf and I was powerless to resist.) 

The first order of business after lunch was finishing any and all remaining thank you cards. No wedding book fully prepared me for the lengthy process of writing thank yous.  
There was BIG excitement in the world of Sarah and Christopher (at least the Sarah half of the world) when I opened mailbox to find a cd of wedding pictures from Keri the photographer!!  

I then took my daily constitutional in the vicinity around our home. I like to say I do this mainly for exercise, but in reality it's mostly to scope out where the cute babies in the neighborhood live. 
I'm going to an event for military wives at church this morning so I began making muffins to bring. The recipe doesn't call for brown sugar but I put it in anyway because I believe brown sugar makes almost everything better. Butter, bacon and brown sugar make the world go 'round.
Look at this! It's the laundry again, only this time it's clean! And folded! 
I have a little garden out back so I watered all my plants using the fancy-shmancy green watering can Christopher gave me for my birthday. 
The last few hours of my day were mostly spent writing this post only to lose the whole thing because it wouldn't save properly, and watching Zorro ride through the woods on his black horse while listening to Christopher give a color commentary on how ridiculous the show is now that he's 28. 

And there you have it- everything that happened in my life as photographed on June 6th. Minus the killing of the spider.


Laura Darling said...

So funny that you had lunch with Laura, because I had lunch with George!

Love that you used the word "constitutional."

Sunny Vanilla said...

I think brown sugar makes everything better too! And so does clean, folded laundry :-)

Sarah B. said...

I love that you organize your cleaning tasks! I end up doing everything on the same day and exhaust/overwhelm myself :) Stopping by from Gussy!

Kristie said...

Loved your cute pictures! Thanks for sharing your domestic day!

Anonymous said...

There was alot of what I do everyday (cleaning and such) but your pictures made it seem so much more fun!! LoL