Friday, June 10, 2011

things you'll see in a people house

The following are some of my favorite things seen in and around our house.

1. my garden
We have a variety of tomato, pepper, basil and flower plants in various sized pots out back. Nothing has died so it's been a success thus far. A dog knocked over the small (and by small I mean an inch and a half tall small) pepper plant, but it has recovered quite nicely.

2. the flowers on the table
I picked these daisies on one of my many strolls around the neighborhood and decided they needed a home where they weren't in danger of being run over by a bulldozer.

3. Jack and Steve 
Jack (the little one) and Steve live next door but frequently come over to visit because we're really cool and things are always happening over on our side of the fence. I haven't found out what the larger dog's real name is, but I couldn't have an unnamed visitor so I christened him Steve. I was later informed by Mr. Wise and All-Knowing (aka the man I married) that he thinks Steve is in fact a girl. That small detail throws a wrench in things because I would hate to give a girl a boys name, so I may have to set up a renaming ceremony. (I am well aware of the fact that Stevie Nicks is a girl, but I don't believe that's reason enough to name the dog Steve.)  

4. the lovebird wall hanging
Christopher gave this to me for my birthday and I l-o-v-e it. It has our last name engraved on the bottom, but I'm not really a believer in proclaiming said last name for all the internet to see so I did some impressive cloning to cover it up.

5. the shower curtain
I never thought I'd write about a shower curtain, but here I am writing about a shower curtain. As odd as it sounds, I am a big fan of my shower curtain. It has hummingbirds on it! And little sparkly things along the blue part! And it works beautifully!  (I can only imagine that when I get a new car, I'll be all 'It has wheels! FOUR of them! And they're black! And they go around when we drive it!') I had a theory that maybe the creases and wrinkles would come out naturally from all the steam in the bathroom, but clearly they have not. I refuse to iron a shower curtain because it seems like I could do something slightly more productive with the one life I have been given.

6. the colorful dishes
They make setting the table so fun, and it's possibly to go a whole entire day without eating off two dishes of the same color. (Because that's what we all worry about when we wake up in the morning.) In fact, I think the dishes were one of the highlights of Katie's recent visit. We had daily conversations regarding whether we wanted to use blue, green, or yellow dishes. We obviously had life-altering discussions while she was here.

7. the latest and greatest birthday plate
While perusing the aisles of Pier 1 the other day, I found this lovely set of dishes on sale and knew immediately that they should take up permanent residence in our home as a birthday plate.

8. Katie's wedding gift
Simply put- we are extremely impressed with the artistic talent of that girl.

9. the butterfly mirror
I got this mirror from CSN a few years ago and it finally has a place upon the wall to call its own. 

10. the view from our bedroom window
If this picture had a soundtrack, it would be birds chirping. 

11. Christopher
He's my favorite to see around the house.


Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

Cute stuff in your house... isn't married life so fun!? :-)

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

What a fun post! So much cute stuff. Love the bird on the wall, and the way you used the daisies...very cute!

Barbara said...

What an enjoyable post to read. I so very much enjoyed seeing the things in your house, and especially your garden and birthday plates. I'm glad Christopher is your favorite. You, my dear girl, are a smile giver.