Monday, June 27, 2011

the baby shower

This weekend we drove down to the baby shower honoring these two big people...
...and this little person, scheduled to arrive at the end of next month.
Christopher and I gave them a diaper cake. I made the cake, and he picked the shoes to go on top. It a good thing he choose because we might still be standing in the baby shoe department if I was deciding. I become completely helpless when looking at the cuteness of baby shoes. 
Instead of playing typical baby shower games, we each brought and decorated a bib or onesie. Molly did the very pink one on the right. Elizabeth did the one with all the words in the bottom row because she believes her niece will be born a philosopher. I decorated the pink Red Sox onesie. We've got to start her life off on the right foot!
Speaking of Molly, here she is with Alyssa while Debbie was opening gifts.
Her internal batteries are still very charged and her vocal chords are still in fine shape. 
Debbie, Carol, and Grandma surveying the showery scene. Our cousin Shana is having a baby around Christmas time, so Grandma will have two great-grandchildren by the end of the year. She's finally beginning to fit in with all her Great- Grandmother friends. 

We took Elizabeth, whom we so affectionately call Squiddzen, home with us for the week. She and the various bags, water bottles, and sunglass occupied the back seat.
Humphrey the elephant preferred to sit on Christopher's shoulder as his copilot.   
Humphrey's cuteness is the only thing that keeps me from getting jealous about not being chosen as copilot. The fact I was not chosen to sit on Christopher's shoulder is another matter.    

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Anonymous said...

This is a sweet post. Baby showers are so fun. I could stand in the baby aisle for forever, my fiance always pulls me away.

Humphrey is adorable.