Tuesday, January 31, 2012

black pens and paper kisses

Every week my goal is to write and mail two letters. One goes down south to Christopher, the other up north to Elizabeth. (Based on the total number of letters I have mailed over the years, I'm surprised I have not single-handedly kept the United States Postal Service afloat.) It recently came to my attention that, contrary to what I firmly believed, I could mail Christopher packages while he's away. Christopher told me not to mail him beef jerky, and I took it to mean send no packages or I will be sent back from whence I came and my military career will be OVER because of you. I would have hated for his career to end simply over a package of Slim Jim original snack sticks, so I stuck to anything that only required a stamp.

After I recovered from feeling guilty about not sending any care packages when I could have, I collected a few things up and paid a visit to my friend Gary at the post office.  
I must say that picking out items for a guys care package is slightly less exciting than for a girls care package. Take pens, for example. The only manly options were black or blue. For girls I could have picked purple! Or flowers! Or swirls! Or hearts! Or little puppy dogs! I didn't think Christopher would appreciate writing with a pink pen, so I stuck with black.
Besides a long letter, I wrote him three little notes. As shown below, they were not all mushy and romantic notes. I believe everyone can use a little geography lesson every now and then.  
Since Christopher has been gone, our marriage has had a severe lack of kisses. In a moment of crafting brilliance, I printed a picture of a large Hershey's kiss then traced it onto construction paper. I used rubber stamps and embossing powder to decoration them.
Of course, real kisses are better than paper kisses, but paper kisses are better than no kisses. We try to look on the bright side around here.
(Brief kissing story: Before our wedding, I jokingly told my friend Willie that there would be a minimum amount of kissing at our wedding. He looked at me and said with a perfectly serious face, "I will do my best to CONTROL MYSELF." I almost died laughing.)


Julie Danielle said...

What a great idea for a care package :)

Jamie said...

Yay for care packages!

Suze said...

This is so sweet! Could I ask you a question and you email me?? I don't have your email! Thanks :)

The Lindsey Family said...

Love this post. What sweet care packages!