Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thomas Edison would have loved hanging out with us

Two nights ago I video chatted for the first time. 
Naturally I shared this moment with Katie.
Seeing how Katie and I invented video chatting, I'm surprised it took us this long to actually use it. Did you know we invented it? Well, we did. Way back when we were the tender age of ten, we decided somebody needed to invent a phone with a tv screen "or something" so we could see each other while we talked. We had a lot of new Lisa Frank paraphernalia and trying to describe it over the phone just wasn't working.

The internet may give you another version of how video chatting/Skype was invented, but I wouldn't say it's necessarily true. Obviously such a popular form of communication was developed by two young girls living on the east coast who liked to compare their sticker collections.

Did you know we also invented a little thing called CDR? CDR stands for Compact Disc Ring, a highly cutting-edge, fashion-forward device that looked like a ring but was in reality a teeny tiny cd player. The ring was about the size of a penny and the cd's the size of a dime. We founded a multi-million dollar operation through which we sold CDR's as well as a large selection of mini cd's. We even designed our own letterhead and sent letters to our most loyal customers (aka my aunt and uncle). It was all very entrepreneurial. We had very few sales, but that was most likely due to the fact that our prices were something like $542,580,126.02 per CDR. The cd's were priced at around $558,042.01 which we felt was A REAL BARGAIN.

We also invented a brand new design for toe-socks and sold them through another of our large corporations.

Obviously we kept the patent office HOPPING.

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