Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We forget to add "hard-working and loving" to our list

Barely twenty-four hours after arriving home from my Phoenix trip, Katie appeared on my doorstep.
Unlike times of yore, she was not alone. She arrived with A BOY.
I think I need a moment of silence and stillness to take that in.

As soon as Katie walked in the door I was faced with a huge dilemma- would Katie sit near me or Zac during supper? In the 20 years of our friendship I have NEVER had to consider that. It has always been understood that we sit together. I did the gracious hostess thing and told Katie to sit between us. After all, Katie and Zac were visiting together and I didn't want to split them up. 

Katie and I long ago established at set of criteria we'd look for in our future husbands:
* They could not wear HUGE glasses
* They could not wear baggy sweatpants with elastic ankles. (The only thing that could possibly make this worse would be having a tshirt tucked in when said pants are pulled up almost to their chin.)
* Must have a nice nose
* Not be named Ron, Rick, or Tony
* The final criteria stated that our husbands must go on a camping trip with us at a destination of our choice. We have been planning this camping trip for YEARS.

Obviously we focused on the really important things.

After an evening of much intense scrutiny and interrogation on my part, and much holding hands and giggling on the part of Katie and Zac, I decided that Zac will be a good addition to our camping group.


Shayla said...

What a sweet post!!!! you have a special friendship and bond- I wish I had that!

Ashley said...

I love the criteria!! haha!!

The New "Normal" said...

I love your criteria list! How awesome that you have such a great friendship - I always wanted a close one like that! Very special!