Saturday, January 28, 2012

an evening in Africa

Grandma has always wanted to go to Africa, so for her birthday we gave her a special Evening in Africa. 
I decorated the table with little safari animals we played with when we were young.
This is the only safari where the rabbits are the same size as the elephants and lions.
Our friend Gladman was born and raised in Zimbabwe. He went to the same school as Daniel and we all became friends. When he graduated, his parents flew to the United States for the big occasion and we had them over for supper. His mother sent us this beautiful tablecloth and napkins as a thank you gift. Our Africa night was the perfect opportunity to use them.
On the menu we had South African green bean salad, chicken and peanut butter gravy, South African sweet potato fritters, and spicy nutty bananas for dessert.   
Tony the giraffe made a celebrity appearance. He's a little flat and deflated, but a giraffe nonetheless.
Gladman's mother also gave us three genuine African shirts so we ladies wore them. Here's the birthday girl and her daughter.
We didn't have any African shirts for the men, so they just wore black shirts. (Aaron probably preferred that anyway!)
We ended our evening in African by watching The African Queen. Grandma had so much fun in Africa and I'm so glad we could be the ones to bring her! ;)


The Lindsey Family said...

What a fantastic party! I love the decorations and the authentic touches.

Julie Danielle said...

That is such a great idea! I bet she loved it.

The New "Normal" said...

What a fun party! How awesome that you did that for your Grandma, I bet she had a great time! :)